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Proper Ways To Get Turkish Nationality With Investment

Proper Ways To Get Turkish Nationality With Investment

Turkey is a beautiful place, probably why many people are so eager to get a turkish nationality. But it’s beauty is not the only reason for people’s interest to live in this country. The Turkish government has always been find toward its foreign investors, and they have been proving it by providing a simple clause to get a Turkish passport. Anyone can get a residency permit just by investing in Turkish real estate. So, if you have been admiring this magnificent place from afar, it’s time for you to consider building a new life here.

But before you do that, it’s always safe to educate yourself about Turkish real estate. It's imperative if you haven't tried your luck in the real estate industry at all. Therefore, here are some of the best and proper ways to smartly invest in Turkey property to get nationality.


Start Your Hunt For A Good Realtor To Buy Apartment In Turkey

Investment in real estate Turkey cannot be made without dealing with an experienced realtor. And because you are planning to buy a property abroad, it becomes a primary task. Turkey has lots of suitable apartments for sale, most of these are well worthy of your money, but some can be a risky investment. A realtor will know the best. Several online real estate websites are present, from which you can choose the best by doing your investigation. See if the agency is old enough, has enough properties to offer. Always remember that a good realtor agent always provides a visitation tour along with their turkish property package.

Price Comparison Is A Must

As said before, Turkey has a lot of villas, commercial/residential property, and apartments for sale. Therefore, you can always get a pristine property in your budget if you look hard enough. Play your field a little before settling on a property and make a list of your preferred ones. Then by price comparison, choose the best one from the list.

Be Free From Legal Hassles

Buying a budget-friendly turkish property is always a plus point, but when you are getting an offer too good to be true, sometimes it might be. Owners often sell their property at a much cheaper rate if it's involved in legal ties. These can be:

  • A property that doesn't have any objection certificate
  • A property Turkey that has outstanding dues.

To ensure that the house has NOC and the owner has paid all the previous property tax, ask for the recent tax bills from them. If you invest in a property with an undue mortgage, neither can you get a residency permit nor will you have the authority of it.

Similarly, outstanding due is applied in apartments for sale in Turkey placed nearer military lands or operational areas. In this case, you need to obtain certified permission letter from the government that will untie from any legal hardship upon buying such property.

Don’t Forget To Make Reservation

According to real estate Turkey rules and regulations, you need to make a reservation before ultimately buying the place. And to make the reservation, the owner will have 1/3 of the property price. But before reserving the property Turkey, be very sure of your decision as the paid amount won’t be returnable. Well, the owner won't legally be liable to return you the amount, but you can always peruse them to meet a middle understanding.

Get Done With The Legal Liabilities

Now that you have made up your mind and reserved the place, it's time to sign the property papers. For that, legal help is advisable. Even though your realtor can take care of those, their duty is half-and-half in these situations as they also give legal advice to the owner. So get your own legal advisor before deciding to buy apartment in Turkey. This will keep you safe from future complications and any hidden clauses or loopholes in the papers.

After owning your place in Turkey, getting a residency permit will not take much time. You will be issued with the license and passport once you have provided the needed documents in a mere months. However, you must invest at least $250,000 in real estate to receive turkish nationality. Then you’ll need to sign a paper that will hold you from reselling the property within 3 years. Even though you don’t have to live there to avail the permit, but these two factors matter the most.

Added Safety Procedures That Are Must To Follow

The above ways are the essential guidelines that will help you understand the procedure better. But because you are investing in abroad, having that extra precautions will always be beneficial.

The neighborhood- if you are not only planning to buy apartment in Turkey but want to live here, make sure that you have selected a good community. The neighborhood area will be an undividable part of your life in the future, so it's better to know that you'll have a safe surrounding. Learn if the police are quick to respond in the area and if the locality faced a criminal occurrence.

Public amenities- Always get a place that offers local amenities. Such as- parks, public transportation, shops, school, or restaurants. All of this will make your life here comfortable and adjustable.

Negotiation- Negotiation can go a long way when investing in apartments for sale in Turkey. Don’t just shake your head yes to the first offer the owner gives you. Negotiate a little bit to lessen the sum. If they comply, then enjoy the profit, and if they don't, you can be happy knowing that you tried.

Inspection- Hire a professional home inspector to do a thorough examination of the Turkey property. They will identify if there's an issue with the property, for example- busted pipelines, damaged walls, mold build-up, etc.

These are all the necessary steps to follow before purchasing an apartment, villa or a flat. All in all, if you manage to contact a good realtor, most of these problems won’t occur.

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