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Process of Applying Turkish Citizenship

Process of Applying Turkish Citizenship

Transition to Turkish citizenship; The Republic of Turkey with foreign citizenship without / person is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

  • Foreigners residing in Turkey for five years without interruption (You can visit http://www.propertytr.com/ for options for your investments.),

  • A citizen of the Republic of Turkey, who married foreigners and continuing at least since three years of marriage,
  • Providing no danger to national security and public order; or thereby providing Turkey with industrial plants, economic, social, sporting, cultural, scientific, technological and artistic fields exceptional service last or blood-inspiring and foreigners made the proposal reasoned in ministries rights related to late,
  • Foreigners who hold a residence permit in accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Nr. 6458 and the foreigner holders of Turkuaz Card and their foreign spouse, their own and their spouses
  • Foreigners deemed necessary for naturalization,
  • Foreigners accepted as immigrants,

It provided that there is a situation that creates danger for national security regardless of the length of residence in Turkey will be able to re-acquire Turkish citizenship.

  • People who lose their citizenship by getting permission to leave, children who lose their citizenship due to their parents may acquire Turkish citizenship by exercising their right to vote within three years of their maturity.
  • A minor who has been adopted by a Turkish citizen may acquire Turkish citizenship from the date of decision unless it constitutes a danger to national security and public order.

Due to the lineage or place of birth;

  • Turkish citizens regardless of where in Turkey or outside the mother – the father of the child born in wedlock is considered to be a Turkish citizen.
  • A child born from a Turkish mother and a foreign father out of a marriage union is considered a Turkish citizen.
  • Turkey inside or outside of which the Turkish citizens father out of wedlock and foreign mother born children, according to the 5718 No. of International Law on Private International Law and Procedural Law the provisions of Turkish citizens in case of connecting with the descent to the father acquire Turkish citizenship from birth.
  • Born in Turkey and foreign host and win the citizenship of any country of birth because of the child's father, it is considered to be a Turkish citizen from birth.
  • It found that children born in Turkey in Turkey counted unless otherwise proven.

Where to Apply To Be a Turkish Citizen?

In order to gain our citizenship, we should apply to the Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship in Turkey and to the Ministry of Interior, exceptionally, to our representatives abroad. These transactions are initiated in person or by special power of attorney.

Applying Turkish Citizenship Steps

  1. File opening (form petition)

  2. Examination of requested documents and completion of any deficiencies (such as medical report, residence time letter, criminal record, passport photocopy, birth certificate, photo, livelihood certificate, documents brought by the foreigner, etc.).
  3. Receiving reports and fingerprints of the investigation made by the Police Department / Gendarmerie Command,
  4. Participation in the Citizenship Review Commission Meeting (both spouses participate in spousal applications)
  5. At the end of the meeting, the file is completed and sent to the General Directorate of Population Citizenship with the opinion of the Commission,
  6. Arrival of the decision and notification to the foreigner.

Some Noteworthy Points: 

The person who has been granted Turkish citizenship by a decision of the competent authority shall acquire Turkish citizenship from the date of decision of the competent authority. This person shall be subject to the rights and obligations of Turkish citizens as of the date of decision.

Results in terms of spouses: The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority has no effect on the citizenship of the other spouse.

Consequences for children: The adult children of the person who has been granted Turkish citizenship by a decision of the competent authority are not affected in any way by the mother or father's Turkish citizenship. Acquisition of Turkish citizenship only results for young children. Young children who have custody of the person who has acquired Turkish citizenship will gain Turkish citizenship if the other spouse consents. In the event that the other spouse does not consent to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship of the children, the procedure shall be taken according to the decision of the court of residence where the mother or father has a habitual residence. The competent court decides on the interests of the child in acquiring Turkish citizenship, depending on the mother or father who has acquired Turkish citizenship.

• Children who are not affected by the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by their parents may acquire Turkish citizenship by taking into consideration the provisions of naturalization in general by the decision of the competent authority.

• Foreigners who have acquired Turkish citizenship may obtain Turkish names and surnames on condition that they make a request. There is no hindrance in using the previous names and surnames provided that they use the letters used in the Turkish alphabet.


Applying Turkish citizenship can be realized in many ways. A foreigner who meets any of the following conditions can acquire citizenship by the proposal of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers:

  1. Foreigners determined by the Ministry of Economy that they have invested at least USD 2 million in fixed capital,
  2. Foreigners determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by buying at least $ 1 million of immovable property and not announcing the sale of the land registry records for three years,
  3. Foreigners who create employment for at least 100 persons and who are identified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security,
  4. At least 3 million deposit in the amount of US dollars deposited into one of the banks operating in Turkey for 3 years and sets the holding requirement, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and foreign are detected,
  5. Foreigners who have purchased at least US $ 3 million from government debt instruments and have been required to hold them for three years.
  6. Foreigners who have received at least 1.5 million USD of venture capital investment fund or real estate investment fund participation share and have been held by the Capital Markets Board for a period of three years.
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