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New airport in Istanbul to open today

New airport in Istanbul to open today

Final works have been completed at the first part of world’s biggest airport; Istanbul New Airport and there will be a ceremony and President Erdogan will be attending to opening ceremony with other world leaders.

Istanbul’s new airport will be replacing the Ataturk International Airport and and will be main hub.

Total size of the New Istanbul Airport is over 76million m2 and the first part will serve more than 90 million passengers. Total cost of first part is more than 6million Euros.

First part will have;

  • 90 million passenger capacity
  • Main traffic control tower
  • 2 runways – 3.75km and 4.1km long with 60m wide where A380 can land easily
  • Parking area can hold 347 aircraaft
  • Cargo
  • Hangars
  • Catering and Ground services
  • Garage with capacity of 18.000 vehicle


Remaining part of the airport will be completed by 2023 and there will be 6 runways in total with the capacity of 500 aircrafts and annually more than 200million passenger.

Istanbul New Airport will have the world’s largest duty-free shopping experience with 53.000m2, consisting of 6 different sections with luxury and Turkish bazaar style shopping experience.

First flight will go to Ankara on the 31st of October and first international flight will be to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the following day.

Here is the video of Istanbul New Airport;




If you are curious about where the 3rd or Istanbul New Airport, you can check think link out.




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