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What are the Turkish Immigration Requirements?

11 January 2020
What are the Turkish Immigration Requirements?

Turkey is becoming a center in its region due to its increasing economic and social capacities. Therefore, Turkey has become an immigrant- receiver country for a couple of decades. Thus, many people wonder what the Turkish immigration requirements are? The immigrants can get a residence permit from the Turkish authorities for short term stay to get Turkish citizenship.

What are the Conditions to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish immigration requirements are twofold. The citizens of Turkic countries have advantages compared to the citizens of other countries. In the following, the general conditions will be indicated. Turkish citizenship by applying to Turkish authorities;

  • The person has to be an adult according to his/her own country's constitution, if he or she is stateless he/she has to be an adult according to Turkey's constitution.
  • The person must be living at least 5 years in Turkey, on the application day. For the Turkic Countries' citizens, the minimum duration is 2 years.
  • The person has to prove his/her intention to live in Turkey: There are various ways to prove the intentions to live in Turkey.
  • The safe society,
  • The person must have good morality, to be a trustworthy person.
  • The person must not be a threat to Turkish national security and social order.
  • The person has to take care of himself/herself and his/her family.

How to Prove the Intention to Live in Turkey

Most of the conditions are clear but the third condition needs to be detailed. Here is the detailed information about the third condition;

Through Property Investment

Turkey offers citizenship to property investors who invest in Turkey in an amount of at least or equivalent to $ 250,000. Thus, one way to get Turkish citizenship is through immovable assets such as houses, offices, and lands. It is now a good time to buy an immovable asset in Turkey because the minimum price was reduced from $ 1,000,000 to $ 250,000 by the adjustment which was made last year. Also, property investment is a stable investment type in Turkey. New living areas are being created in the largest cities in Turkey. Therefore, these cities are very profitable in terms of property investment.

Istanbul as the most developed city of Turkey is hosting numerous construction and regeneration projects. Beside Istanbul, Izmir, a trade and touristic city in the Aegean region, offers good opportunities. There are a lot of cities to invest in.

Even though it is cheaper and easier to get citizenship through the immovable assets, there is no more than the limit for a foreigner prohibited. It is always more guaranteed if you buy a house through our office. You can visit here .

Through Capital Investment

Turkey accepts investors who make capital investments in Turkey. However, the investments cannot be sold for three years if investors are interested in applying for the citizenship.

Through Buying State Bonds

A person who buys state bonds worth at least $ 500,000. However, there is a condition of not selling the bond for three years.

Through Business Establishment

A person who establishes a business that employs at least 50 people can apply for and get Turkish citizenship.


If a foreigner is married to a Turkish citizen, he/she can apply for Turkish citizenship. But they have to prove that marriage is sincere, they live together, and they have to stay married for at least 3 years.

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship

                If you think that you meet all the conditions, you can apply for citizenship. If you apply from abroad, you have to apply to embassy or consulate. Citizenship application:

  • The fully filled citizenship application form,
  • The passport, which is translated and confirmed by the notary,
  • For the applicant who lives in Turkey, the document of the last residence permit
  • The biometric photo was taken at least six months before the application date,
  • The relative document in case the applicant is charged for any crime,
  • A document that proves the applicant paid the citizenship application fee.

Besides these general documents there are special documents for that type of applications;

-For applications through property investment, you have to apply to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to prove the convenience of the investment.

– For applications through capital investment, you have to apply to the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

– For the establishment of the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Family General Directorate of International Labor.

Turkish immigration requirements are easy compared to other European countries. But you have to be sure that you are meeting every criterion and following the procedure. It is obvious that Turkey welcomes investors as citizens.


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