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Know In Details About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Government Approved Policies

Know In Details About Turkey Citizenship By Investment Government Approved Policies

Investment in a foreign land is a big decision. If the clause of second citizenship is attached, it must be an even more thoughtful decision. Legal citizenship on basis of investment is one of the popular trends for Turkey. If you are aiming for Turkish citizenship by investment government certified investment agents who guide investors and help them with the paper works for obtaining citizenship.


Why obtaining second citizenship important?

The importance of second citizenship varies with the individual person opting for the one. Why do you require a second citizenship and how much investment is apt for you must be determined before embarking on the process of obtaining a second citizenship.

Secondly the choice of country for which second citizenship is to very important. Every passport has it’s own value. Every country offers special privileges to its citizens. Turkish citizenship is popular choice as because the Turkish government offers several benefits for its citizens. The benefits like visa free travel to several countries are valid for citizens acquiring a second citizenship for Turkey through investment.

The three main types of people opting for second citizenship are Students, Business people and personal choices. Turkish citizenship by investment is common among business men and women and also people who want to settle in Turkey for personal reasons. Students can opt for other ways for acquiring Turkish citizenship.

The reduction of threshold for Turkey citizenship by investment government

The year 2018 marked a steep turn in events when the Turkish government reduced the investment for citizenship threshold to USD 250,000. This is almost one third of the earlier stipulated amount. If the investment amount is compared with the benefits that a second Turkish citizenship by investment government offers, it is a huge gain for the applicants.

The applicants must note that the investment whether in property or in government bonds or schemes are locked for a stipulated period of three to five years but the citizenship granted on basis of investment is valid for lifetime. The investor can withdraw the investment or sell the property after the stipulated time period owning high return on investment. Thus it is a dual benefit for investors.

Locations preferred for Turkey citizenship by investment government. 

The investment benchmark for Turkish citizenship is same for the entire country. However, when you are making an investment for citizenship in Turkey you must also evaluate the prospects of investing in specific regions. There are several emerging regions promising high return in investment, peaceful neighborhood and cosmopolitan culture are added benefits.

Some of the common places for investment are mentioned below.

  • Istanbul- The business capital of Turkey still holds the number one position in investors list. The city center is among the best places for investment in real estate. The city is also undergoing expansion.
  • Sakarya- It is one of the merging cities that are profitable from investment point of view. It is chosen for business and real estate investment.
  • Izmir- It is the third largest city in Turkey and emerging investment hub for foreign investors. They can expect high return on investment.

Types of Investment approved by Turkish Government

  • Real estate- Foreign investors must invest up to $250,000. They can invest in commercial or residential real estate.
  • Government Bonds- Investors can acquire second citizenship in Turkey by investing $500,000 in government bonds or investing the same amount in a private bank. Turkey citizenship by investing government bonds is a hassle-free process.
  • Generating employment- Investors can also invest in business related to any field and if they generate 50 or more employment opportunities, they can apply for Turkish citizenship through investment process.
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