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Is Turkey safe country for investment?

Is Turkey safe country for investment?


        Is Turkey safe country for investment ?

          Travel Through The Eyes of Foreign Tourists to Turkey 

       The research on the citizens of the country where the budget allocated for promotion next year in Turkey, "Turkey's image" on it reveals interesting opinions. There are many opinions about Turkish house and Turkish families. It also admits many safe to travel to Turkey. Therefore, most of foreign people trust property for sale in Turkey. Especially, international real estate investors want to live in Turkey after they visit to Turkey.

             Turks Known by The Germans Very Hospitable

            Turkey in the German market, beaches, high quality of service and hospitality with a positive image as a holiday destination. In Germany, for Turkey, "a cheap holiday country" There's also the perception. According to a study made by travelers, Turkey, in terms of quality of service and love shown to children also it ranks first. The elements of satisfaction of German tourists are sea-sand-sun, long tourism season, price-service balance, high hotel quality and cultural wealth.

             Russians First Choice in Turkey 

         He remains first years in Russia: Turkey's image in the Russian Federation, "the most popular and most preferred holiday destination as". According to research, the most convenient and reliable country for 47 percent of Russians think that Turkey holidays. Turkey, reasonably priced, with quality services and facilities, which are unique historical and cultural value and is perceived as a modern tourism destination. Russians get even for something they always travel to Turkey to buy and sell Turkey. It has become a well-known brand in the Russian Federation market and has been at the top of the list for years.

             Britishs are Fairly Satisfied with Turkey 

           British Turkey to "warm climate, historical and cultural values, the price is suitable, natural beauty, friendly welcome of the Turkish people, to families and accommodations for compliance" in terms of staying satisfied. 7 out of every 10 people is required to assess their recent travels to Turkey, "they are very fond of visiting" the report says.

            Americans Love to Establish Contact with The Turkish Public 

           American tourists, likes to make contact with local people: the United States, Turkey, for many years as a result of carried out promotional activities "historical, cultural, tourist destination coming to the forefront with its archaeological and natural wealth" is known as. The American visitor satisfaction elements of Turkey's historical, cultural and natural wealth, religious tourism riches, the US dollar is strong in Turkey. In addition, US tourists are focusing on tourism types where they can contact local people and experience the destinations they visit. In this context, besides Turkish hospitality, the opportunities for safe travel also reinforce the holiday experiences.

              According to The Dutch Prices is Very Reasonable in Turkey 

           Visitors to Turkey "luxurious, safe and tolerant country that" specifying, to visit those who think the opposite. while 92 percent of Dutch tourists coming to Turkey remain satisfied with their visit. In addition to Turkey "all-inclusive cheap destination" image, it has settled the case in the Dutch market.

              French Suppose That The Turkey is An Arab Country 

            According to France 'Arab country', according to B.A.E 'European'. In France, the overall positive image of Turkey in terms of tourist attractions. However, due to incorrect and incomplete information, the French never came, one of Turkey's perception of the "Arab country" as konumluy. This is shaping up as a form of perception also overshadows the attractiveness of Turkey's cultural and natural diversity. The satisfaction of the French is the quality of service, cultural diversity and wealth.

                Turkey is Very Exciting for Arabs 

          Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE) among the first to come to mind holiday destination in the market ranks first with 24 percent. In the study, positive associations with Turkey in the UAE market, "exciting, green, historic, attractive family destination, the land of contrasts, sunny, Muslim, friendly, safe and Europeans" is taking shape. We can also say that Arab tourists visiting Turkey buys something from a most strong property market. 

                   According to Chinese And Japanese Turkey Has A Rich Culture 

           In China, "Asia and Europe, as a culturally rich country" has a positive image. Japanese in Turkey as "historic, cultural and natural wealth of a country with a friendly" perceptions of the remains satisfied with the trip, 95 percent. 

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