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10 Reasons to that people prefer to invest in Istanbul in 2021

1 February 2021
10 Reasons to that people prefer to invest in Istanbul in 2021

With the arrival of hundreds of thousands of travellers, Istanbul is much more than just a tourist attraction. Some may say that this city is as beautiful and chaotic as it is, but the world’s largest cities have never been this way and things often seem strange to outsiders. Many people consider living in Istanbul and living a fulfilling life here and there for no apparent reason. Let’s take a look at ten reasons to stay in Istanbul one by one and appreciate one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

1 – Very nice kitchens

In Asia and Europe, Istanbul has hosted a multicultural and multi-ethnic culture. The dishes here are as varied as the city itself and are so delicious that they take first place on the list. Looking at property in Istanbul for sale is about being close enough to work, school, or university to travel, but far enough to lose the hustle and bustle of business. Whether it’s fast street food or a proper restaurant menu – a bowl of fresh fish from the Bosphorus waters- one can find any kind of food of any budget. With so many foreigners living in the city, world cuisine remains a staple for those who like to taste a variety of dishes.

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2 – Inexpensive Life Expenses

You can rent a house in Etiler, in the modern and suburban region, for $ 600. With so little taxes, consider other expenses such as food or clothing – even the cost of living comfortably is well within budget in Istanbul. If you are thinking of staying, you can buy property in Istanbul for sale; a visit to the city is definitely a must. Flight from overseas to Istanbul has never been easier. Whatever lifestyle you want, the cost of living is something you will never have to worry about.

3 – Keyif

Translated as “idle joy”, keyif is an integral part of the Turkish way of life. A kind and delicious breakfast, Turkish coffee times, the Bosphorus roaming, and many other activities are done to accomplish the final key, So in the middle of trying to stay cool and focus on buying the latest property in Istanbul for sale. If possible, you will be invited to a dinner party.

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4 – Health System

Many countries look to Turkey’s well-designed and inclusive health system. Istanbul is no exception – residents are well treated in hospitals and health care facilities. So once you have found your homes or property in Istanbul for sale in Turkey, you are ready to visit your Turkish neighbors, the most important thing to remember is to have fun, not to look for mistakes but to know and they will happily guide you to any ethical sites if you ask. For outsiders, a compulsory health insurance plan is available but is about $ 80 a month. After all, you can’t enjoy the beauty of the city unless you’re completely healthy!

5 – Weather

The weather in Istanbul is perfect in every way — long dry summer and warm winters make it easy to enjoy the outdoors as long as you want. In winter, you can fight snowball with your family while in the summer you can visit coastal regions such as Büyükçekmece or Silivri. What better reason to stay in Istanbul than to live abroad all year long! Have I had a long hot day looking to buy property in Istanbul for sale? It’s the Time for a cool sail in the evening. Private rental from Eyüp piers will take you to Karaköy – a great way to get home if you live there but a relaxing, romantic trip if you don’t want to. Just being in the water has a cooling effect.

6 – Nightlife

A large number of bars, nightclubs, concert halls, and work halls await their guests in Istanbul every weekend. During the summer, you can enjoy clubs on the rooftop with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus, and in the fall you can drink in the cozy baths of Kadıköy. Whatever you do, Istanbul is not sleeping. So even if your day has like wanted to buy property in Istanbul for sale that escapes the heat for a while it is possible and enjoyable. Don’t forget to drink ayran and maybe one of the famous Turkish sherbets will help you to cool down a bit too.

7- Istanbul airport terminals

The first Turkish airline was Turkey Airlines. This state-of-the-art airline has global flight paths. Established in 1933 it has grown in strength and dominance in a highly competitive market. Pegasus Airlines is based outside of Pendik and offers a very sensible budget air service. The low-cost airline, named after a mythical horse with Greek mythology, was first established in 1989 as a partnership between two businesses, Aer Lingus Net and Sikar.

In 1994 Yapı KrediBank bought the airline, making it completely Turkish. It is the second-largest airline in Turkey and offers comfortable, economical travel to many parts of the world and home. In 2015 one of the subsidiaries of Turkey Airlines changed its name from Atlasjet to AtlasGlobal. We currently provide flights to more than 40 destinations in both the planned budget tour and the charter.

8 – The Beauty of Buildings

Many buildings built under the influence of Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans formed a visible symphony on the streets of Istanbul. The city currently has 3 UNESCO World Heritages and many other historic and modern buildings that enhance the viewer. It is an indescribable feeling that is surrounded by this abundance of history.

9- Outside

Whether you would like hiking, swimming, mountaineering, hiking, or a simple picnic, Istanbul is a city that offers many outdoor activities. Its climate is beautiful, and the landscape is vibrant.

10 -Shopping Centers

Istanbul has become the last city of the shopping centers to handle domestic and international products, of low quality and high quality. With affordable prices, you can experience the purchase beyond the limits.

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As Napoleon Said said, “If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital”

Many centuries have passed and Istanbul is still as desirable as it was in ancient times. This unique city, a bridge between Europe and Asia, is amazingly beautiful and is accessible by people.


Istanbul is an amazingly different city where everything is possible. The places you visit may seem endless but only because of the attractions can you be a ‘boring’ busy sometimes. Living and working in the city brings many benefits but there are some challenges. Having a home in Istanbul you sometimes want to just walk away from the crowds, – not only tourists but also other Istanbul residents. Buying in a foreign country where the language is not your own can be difficult and frustrating.

It is important that the real estate agent helps you buy that Istanbul property has good communication skills in both yours and the Turkish language. It also helps to equip yourself with a good dictionary and glossary of terms for what you need. The internet these days has many sites that offer clear definitions and translations of official names that you will encounter while searching and purchasing Istanbul property and many of these can be downloaded to your phone or even become an App.





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