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Iranians Interest On The Purchase Of Housing In Turkey Will Continue Exponentially!

Iranians Interest On The Purchase Of Housing In Turkey Will Continue Exponentially!

Iranians who ranks first in bringing capital by establishing the company and applying for citizenship remains in second place on getting housing in Turkey. With the laws issued in 2012, after the removal of foreigners buying houses in reciprocity, showing great interest in the purchase of the real estate in Turkey.

According to a statement by Elit Citizenship and Investment Advisory, housing sales to foreigners exceeding $ 50 billion in 2018 are also expected to exceed $ 50 billion in 2019 and break a historical record. Foreign investments, on the other hand, keeps alive the housing and construction sector in the recession period.

During 2018; Iraqis 8 thousand 205, Iranians 3 thousand 652, Saudi Arabians 2 thousand 718, Russian Federation citizens 2 thousand 297, Kuwaitians 2 thousand 197 housing purchased in Turkey. This data is based on Turkey Statistics Institute's 2019 home sales statistics. According to the Turkey Statistical Institute, Iranians continues increasingly on the purchase of housing in Turkey. In July 2019, Iraqis purchased 734 real estates from Turkey when Iranians taking 464.


These countries were followed by Kuwait with 219 houses, Saudi Arabia with 218 houses and Russian Federation with 215 houses. The number of housing Iranians received in Turkey, increased by 45 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The General Manager of Elit Citizenship and Investment Consultancy and MÜSİAD Tehran Representative Fatih Çayabatmaz stated that the 2016 Investment Citizenship Program had a great impact on Iranian housing purchase.


Çayabatmaz, indicating that the Iranians are not temporary interest in Turkey, " Iranians admire Turkey with both its natural beauty and vibrant social life. " He said." We see that Tahranians specifically chose to buy a house in Istanbul. We can say clearly that the interest of Iranians in Turkey will continue exponentially in the coming period. Iranians lined up to buy housing in Turkey and we find it difficult to keep up with demand," he said.


Çayabatmaz said that Iranian investors are looking for a safe harbor after the trade embargo. And they expect the coming months to Iranians keep their place in residence purchases from Turkey. Iranians already pay significant attention to their company to buy real estates in Turkey. Our company is working hard to keep up with their demands.


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