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Investing in Konya: Taxes, Fees, Regulations in 9 Steps

Investing in Konya: Taxes, Fees, Regulations in 9 Steps

Konya is a city in the central Anatolia with multiple investment opportunities. Not only Konya is a growing metropolitan with agricultural and industrial investments, but it also has five universities and it is a very important city for religion tourism.
Because there are this many different ways of investment, foreigners have started to realize how important is Konya for Turkey's economy.
If you are one of those investors who are searching for investments and houses for sale in Konya turkey and you need to know about the process, here is everything you need to know;


1. Fees

The prices for property in Konya are usually cheaper than in western cities. It is because the city is still developing. The ways you can invest in property in Konya vary. For example, you can invest in a house closer to a university and have a sustainable rent income or you can invest in a house closer to the religious places in Konya and rent those places daily like a hotel. Or your investment can be around the trade markets or industrial factories. You can choose whatever you want according to your budget.
Prices usually start from 30.000$ which means that investing in Konya is really accessible for anyone.
Also, if your investment is over 250.000$ you and your first-degree relatives can get Turkish citizenship. It will be easier than getting Turkish citizenship in other ways.
If you are thinking that your investment won't be successful because it is cheaper than investments in other metropolitans like Ankara and Istanbul, you do not need to be worried. Investment in Konya is very logical like said in the top there are many reasons why you should invest in Konya. 

2. Taxes

There are three different types of taxes that the Government of Turkey determined. Those three can be listed as, income, expenditure and wealth taxes.
For your investment, the type of tax you will be accountable for is the income taxes. The income you obtain from your immovable is categorized in this tax. But it does not just include immovables. If you have a movable source of income, you will pay taxes for it as well.
Resident taxpayers are people who spend more than six months a year in Turkey. And those people will pay taxes for their income they made inside of Turkey and outside of Turkey.
Non-resident taxpayers are people who spend less than six months a year in Turkey. And those people will pay taxes for the income they made inside of Turkey. 

3. Regulations

Every foreigner from every country can make an investment in Turkey. And the law says that those investors will be treated like local investors.
Because of the investors, the trade market has developed a lot in the last couple of years in Konya. The government of Turkey provides multiple encouragements plans to help investors. This has helped the private sector's development as well. Now, Konya is one of the best places to invest.

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