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Aspects To Look In A Bedroom And Drawing In A 2nd Hand Property In Adana

Aspects To Look In A Bedroom And Drawing In A 2nd Hand Property In Adana

A Turkey property is always a lavish one. When it comes to a property in a Cilician city on the Seyhan Riverbank, it becomes a treat to the eyes. A second-hand and well-furnished property in such a location should possess certain traits to attract you. The most attractive part of a house is a bedroom. This is where one finds repose after a tiresome day. If a second-hand property lacks the feature of a lavish bedroom, you never go for that one. Not only the decoration, but a bedroom is also related to several essential aspects.

Psychologists say that a bedroom has a connection with your mental and physical sanctity. Another vital zone of a Turkey property is the drawing or the living room. This is the first place where a guest enters. In brief, a living room holds the charm of the house. If you fail to keep your living room clean and attractive, the entire house loses its USP. There are certain aspects to look at in a living room. This article discusses the aesthetic, essential, and economic features of a bedroom and a living room.



Color: The Eyecatcher Of A Bedroom In Turkish Property

Before you search for "apartments for sale," decide what color you want for your bedroom. Color is the most vibrant aspect of a house. A bedroom draws attention to its color. Painting your bedroom with a light color like white and blue will be a wise choice. Any lucid color brightens the room with natural light. It has a significant impact on your psychology too. Dark colors and bright rooms often bring depression. For a bedroom in your Turkey property, you can apply red or dark blue to show your passion. But that would end up making your room dull. To make your bedroom lively, focus on using a light color on the walls.

Light The Source Of Energy

Before you buy apartment in İstanbul, plan the decoration of light in your bedroom. In a well-furnished flat, you must look for places for light. Light is the heart of your room decoration. It would help if you gave special attention to the reflection of the morning. Usually a bed just beside the window would block the light in the bedroom. Therefore, consider placing your bed opposite the window in your turkish property's bedroom. It will allow both a room for decoration and light. Centrally placed ceiling light works great for bedrooms. As it directly illuminates the room without creating a chance for shadow. Great options for light in a bedroom will be:

  • Table lamps
  • Ceiling Light
  • Curtains for windows

Though a well-furnished flat should have options for placing lights in the required position, sometimes you need to work primarily on the decoration of lights.

Storage: An Unavoidable Aspect Of A Bedroom

No matter what purpose the room serves, it always should have enough space. The bedroom does not fit the only goal of sleeping. Instead, you must allow some necessary furniture in the room. Turks like spacious rooms. It is a vital part of the turkish nationality that they must arrange for their guest's comfort. Therefore, they often make a spacious bedroom. In case any guest decides to take repose for a night. Also, a dresser, nightstand, and side table serve you various purposes. An armoire will be an excellent choice for keeping your linen arranged. Before you buy apartment in Turkey, look for whether you can put these things in the bedroom.

Closet: Your Personal Space

When choosing a turkish property, always look after the place for a closet in the bedroom. In a bedroom, you will still need a cabinet to keep your things secure. For instance, you can save some confidential files and secret things in the haven of your bedroom so that no one can intervene.

Living Room

Room Size

When you go for apartments for sale in Istanbul, first look for a spacious drawing-room. The living room is the lungs of a house. This is where we all breathe, talk, and spend most of our days. This room has to carry a positive vibe. Space gives a sense of freedom. Therefore, every real estate Turkey opts for making the living room a spacious one. The drawing room is the face of our house as it carries the first impression to the guests. A spacious living room makes room for both decoration and furniture.


The next step of the preparation starts with color. When the color of the room is already vibrant, you don't need to repaint it. The drawing room allows you to show your creativity. Showcase your aesthetic sense through a unique color combination. A drawing-room in a property İstanbul gets rejuvenated by the combination of paint. A bare, one-color wall fades the beauty of a spacious room. With a variety of magical lights, the color of the walls produces an unearthly effect.

Arrangement Of The Furniture

Proper utilization of space takes place with the appropriate arrangement of the furniture. If you're buying a well-furnished property, observe whether there is a chance for a rearrangement. If so many furniture pieces already occupy the space, consider replacing or omitting some of them. Too much furniture makes a place unorganized and messy. Consider keeping furniture like:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • Accent chair
  • Accent table


As a bedroom, proper lighting is essential in a living room of a Turkey property. Lighting plays a significant role in making the wall painting more vibrant. In the living room, do not use direct ceiling lights. Instead, you can apply some hanging chandelier, pendant light, or a flush mount. In a Property Adana, where there are ample chances of getting natural light, you can treat your eyes with a celestial setting of your drawing room. A well-lit living room carries the entire spirit of a house. By sprouting a positive vibe, it gives a warm welcome to your guests.

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