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Invest In Turkish Properties With PropertyTR Professionals

Invest In Turkish Properties With PropertyTR Professionals


Q1. Why You Should Invest In Turkish Property?

Ans: Investment in Turkey property is hugely advantageous, as the apartments in residential complexes located in well-developed areas are always in high demand for renting. So if you buy an apartment in Turkey, you can earn a fair amount of money by giving rent. Also, you can get an attractive amount by reselling that.

Q: 2. Is It True That I Will Get Turkish Citizenship By Investing In Turkish Property?

Ans: In 2016, Turkey announced its citizenship by investment program. As per this program, you can grant residency, citizenship, and a second passport by investing in real estate or a bank deposit.

Q: 3. How Much Will I Have To Invest In Turkish Property To Get Nationality?

Ans: You can get Turkish nationality by purchasing a Turkish property or investing in real estate with a minimum of $250,000. The citizenship of Turkey will be granted after 3-6 months following your investment.

Q: 4. What Are The Best Places Other Than Istanbul Perfect For Investing In Properties?

Ans: Though most real estate investors run behind the apartments for sale in Istanbul, there are other places in Turkey where foreigners can invest their money. Some of them also prefer the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal regions of Turkey, but the following are some lovely cities with beautiful attractions and culture, like Istanbul for investing in Turkey property,

1.   Yalova

2.   Antalya

3.   Trabzon

4.   Bursa

5.   Sakarya

6.   Mugla

7.   Bodrum

8.   Fethiye

9.   Belek

10.   Marmaris

11.   Kusadasi

Q: 5. Why Investing In Properties In Istanbul Is A Good Idea?

Ans: It is a good idea to invest in property in Istanbul. Following are three main reasons,

·   Property in Istanbul is cheaper than European properties.

·   You can avail of Turkish citizenship by investing in their real estate market.

·   It is an old city in Turkey with metropolitan city lights and historical, cultural influences infused together, attracting tourists and local people to live there. You can buy apartments in Istanbul and rent or resell them with more money than you invested.

Q: 6. What Is The Best Time To Purchase Or Invest In Turkish Real Estate?

Ans: Well, investing in real estate is always the right choice, especially when it comes to Turkey. And investing in Turkish property both for professional and personal reasons will go well in the long run. Spring and Summer are considered the most popular time to purchase or invest in real estate in Turkey. Just make sure that you are giving your money to trustworthy real estate agents.

Q: 7. I Don't Have Turkish Nationality. Can I Invest In A Turkish Property?

Ans: Yes, you can. According to the citizenship for buying a house program in Turkey, foreigners are welcome to purchase or invest in a property anywhere in Turkey except the military zones. Also, if you buy an apartment in Turkey for $250,000 or investing in it can immediately get you and your family Turkish nationality.

Q: 8. How Can A Foreigner Purchase Or Invest In A Property In Turkey?

Ans: If you are from a different country and looking to buy apartments in Turkey, you need to apply preliminarily to the Land Registry Directorate. Following this application, a date will be determined for the transaction transfer between you and the seller. You will require the following to show that time,

1.   The title deed of the property

2.   Your passport and a photocopy of this

3.   Property Value Statement Document. The relevant municipality will provide it.

4.   Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for the buildings like houses, offices, etc.

5.   Two copies of your photograph

6.   Certificate translator if you can't speak Turkish

7.   One certified copy of the power of attorney if the transfer transaction is carried out with a power of attorney prepared abroad

Q: 9. What Types Of Properties Can A Foreigner Purchase In Turkey? What Should They Do To Proceed With That?

Ans: Since foreigners are welcome to buy or invest in real estate in Turkey, they can purchase residence, office, land, etc., in Turkey. If a foreigner wishes to buy a land or field that s/he must notify the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism within two years about the building to be built there.

Q: 10. Is Purchasing A Turkish Property A Good Investment?

Ans: Before you buy apartments in Turkey, you should know how ideal it will be for you. Research shows that Turkey comes in 14th position in the list of 25 most advantageous countries. For the affordably priced properties, growth projections, and stable tourism market, Turkey becomes an ideal choice for both property hunters and those who are looking for a long to mid-term investment.

Q: 11. I Am A Foreigner. If I Purchase A Property In Istanbul, Then What Benefits Will I Get?

Ans: Foreign investors show a great interest in buying the apartments for sale in Istanbul, and investing in them provides many benefits. Following are the most important ones,

1.   Value For Money: Whether you are from Europe or the USA, you know that buying property is way expensive, but in Turkey, they are somehow reasonable.

2.   Turkish Residency And Citizenship: The most important benefit you will get as a foreigner after buying a Turkish property for $250 thousand is the Turkish nationality to your whole family.

3.   Full Ownership: Another significant benefit you will get by purchasing a Turkish property is full ownership. You will be given complete freedom for doing whatever you want with your property, i.e., reselling or renovating it.

Q: 12. What Are The Restrictions In Buying Property In Istanbul For Foreigners?

Ans: According to the law, the following restrictions will be applied to buy apartments in Istanbul as well as in Turkey for foreigners,

1.   A foreigner can purchase a maximum of 30-hectares of property in total in Turkey.

2.   The foreigners can not buy property in military forbidden zones and security zones in Turkey.

3.   The foreigners can purchase property up to 10% of the district's private property area.

4.   The properties determined by legal authorities not to be used for purchasing purposes and those that have not been notified to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism within two years but purchased for building construction will be subjected to winding up by official authorities.

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