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Inflation statement from Treasury and Finance Minister Nebati

Inflation statement from Treasury and Finance Minister Nebati

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati made statements about the new economic model and inflation at the Economic Transformation and New Paradigms Summit.


Minister Nebati said in his statements that if the new economic model had not been put into practice, along with the inflation problem, a recession and many related problems would most likely have been faced.

Stating that when economic history is examined, the same economic policies do not produce the same results in each country, Nebati underlined that a policy that has a positive impact on the growth performance of a country’s economy may cause inflationary pressures in another country.

Stating that despite all the global shocks, our country has made positive developments in many areas and is surprised by the merciless criticism of the new economic model by various circles, Nebati added that he will continue to act completely in accordance with the specific needs of our country in the steps taken for the country.

He stressed that Orthodox economic policies, which are presented to developing countries as the only recipe for development, have triggered large current account deficits and debt crises in many developing countries.

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