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How to grab the best price for real estate in Istanbul?

How to grab the best price for real estate in Istanbul?

The spotlight on real estate in Istanbul has brought in considerable changes in how the prospects of investing in foreign shores are considered. As against the vintage feeling belief that your backyards are the best place for real estate investments, diversification is the new mantra. Even though the merit of knowing the place you are making investment never diminishes. Small and known geographical areas limit your profitability; where as informed investment on newer havens can turn your fortune. Apartments for sale in Istanbul is one such instance.

Quick look at factors that determine prices for apartments for sale in Istanbul

  • Area of the apartment.
  • Location of the apartment.
  • Proximity to infrastructural projects.
  • Nar Istanbul city center.
  • Proximity to shopping complexes.
  • Apartments in modern project areas- Basin express area.
  • Near the new airport.

The first step to nailing the price bargain is to do your homework about how price curves behave in various parts Istanbul. A complete idea about factors that rule the local price trends help you seal the best price for real estate in Istanbul.

Price trends of Villa for sale in Istanbul.

If thinking real estate investment in Villas, think Istanbul. Vintage villas in revered locations never go out of demand in this city. The charm of these classically constructed villas never fails to woo buyers from Arab countries and several European countries, though local buyers top the list.  Vila for sale in Istanbul, Taksim, situated in heart of the city is bound to fetch a higher price. Whereas a property of similar stature in a place likes Beylikduzu, costs less.

Price map of real estate in Istanbul.

Have a look at the price range of real estate properties in Istanbul.

  • Average price per square meter is $1000.
  • The price starts at $800 per square meter.
  • The price may go up to $2000 per square meter in premium areas like city center.
  • The price trends are on higher side.

Vital aspects to look before judging on the price of a property.

Prices of real estate in Istanbul like other famous cities vary largely. Scouting for the best price that promises profits in future needs careful calculations. Look for following factors when comparing the prices for any prospective property you want to invest upon.

  • High end properties have premium price tags. Istanbul boasts of several such properties in recent times.
  • Materials used for construction by reputed construction companies are charged higher.
  • Interior decoration of the properties determines prices to some extent.
  • Natural surroundings of the properties as green open spaces and water bodies also impact the price.
  • Prices of vintage properties are high.

Expected price appreciation of apartments for sale in Istanbul

Price appreciation for real estate in Istanbul varies for various areas. When you make a real estate investment, expected price appreciation is one of the major factors that help you determine right price for any investment. Some of the areas in Istanbul that are expected to witness high price appreciation in future are mentioned below.

  • As per some speculations the properties in central Istanbul is expected to witness a price appreciation of at least 30%. This reason such properties continue to woo buyers.
  • The price for properties nearing projects like third Istanbul airport, Istanbul Canal project; Eurasia Tunnel, etc are gaining popularity because of their lesser price than other areas. The price difference for real estate in Istanbul in these areas is approximately 20%. This could gift you with higher profits in future.
  • The prices fall sharply or areas far for metro and tramway stations.
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