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How To Get Turkish Citizenship Investment: The Question Everyone Has Been Asking!

How To Get Turkish Citizenship Investment: The Question Everyone Has Been Asking!

How to get Turkish citizenship investment? Is it worth it? How to apply for? How long does it take for this process?

 Hold on! We know all these questions are gushing through your mind. But fret not! We’ll guide you.

First, you need to relax and embrace the journey with us.. Let’s get going!

First things first..


How to get Turkish citizenship investment?

  Since you’re so intrigued to know about this answer, we’ll try to put it as simple as possible.

Here is the minimum investment limits for the citizenship program

  • Bank Deposit $500,000
  • Real Estate Investment $250,000 (minimum)
  • Capital Investment $500,000

 Once you make any of these investments, the Turkish Government is happy to grant you their Citizenship.

 How long does it take to proceed through the application of Turkish citizenship investment?

 Once you follow all these aforementioned investment plans and apply for the application, it hardly takes 60-90 days to proceed with the application and sanction it. Simple!

Is Turkish citizenship investment worth it?

 Only a fool would say otherwise! 

 Turkish Citizenship Investment is an absolute profitable investment within numerous perks and benefits:

  • Visa-free travel
  • E-2 Investor Visa
  • Straightforward and smooth process
  • Tax benefits
  • Opportunity for minimal residency
  • Dual Citizenship (explained further in the below sections)

 What is Dual Citizenship & Turkuaz Card System?

The Turkish Government legalized dual Citizenship, meaning a person can be a nationalist of two different countries at the same time.

In case you live in a country that doesn’t allow dual Citizenship, Turkey has n option for that as well. They offer the Turkuaz card program where it gives you full Citizenship except voting rights in Turkey

 What is the process of preparation for the Turkish Passport?

  • First, you get in touch with an investment immigration specialist who will help you choose from various options.
  • Necessary documents for application
  • The investment condition you chose to opt for.
  • The residence permit along with the passport application. 

What are the other benefits of being Turkish Citizenship?

  • High quality of life.
  • Excellent health facilities.
  • Advanced and free education opportunities.
  • A safe environment.
  • Confidentiality of assets.
  • Being exempted from military service by applying for TCBI.
  • Access to Turkish cuisine

 What are the ways to find the best properties for Investment in Turkey?

 Locating the best real estate properties is easy. Here are a few of the ways to help you get the best.

1. Through an Emlak: Emlak’s are Turkey’s real estate agent that keeps the housing market ticketing. They are easy to locate all around Turkey, with their window panes being filled with pictures of available properties. They bring you plenty of options to choose from. Though, they charge an extra commission fee for their services.

2. Directly through owners: Property owners in Turkey look forward to renting their apartment to foreigners and visitors to earn a regular rental income. This is one of the safest ways to invest in properties.

3. Through agencies: Several real estate agencies offer help to investors find their dream property. You can directly contact them, and they will help you through the journey. Some agencies also provide management services to your property. Once hired, they make sure you get the best real estate property available.

 Botton line 

 The one-word answer to “How to get Turkish citizenship investment?” is through investment. Turkey has a lot to offer to its investors,  

 If you’re planning to invest in Turkish Citizenship, you are on the right track to a better lifestyle. 

Hope you find this article helpful! Thank you for reading!

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