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How to get Turkish citizenship by property investment?

How to get Turkish citizenship by property investment?

Especially in the last decades, the most striking feature of the world we live in is its globalized aspect. This is both the reason and result of the less strict national boundaries in terms of law. This made easier the circulation of capital, traveling, making capital investments and having properties in different countries, and even becoming a citizen of a country that you weren't born in or you are not living in.

In this article, requirements to get Turkish citizenship will be examined and explained. In addition, the advantages of being a citizen of Turkey will be another topic of this article. Except from these topics, explaining the requirements and advantages of getting Turkish citizenship by property investment will be the focal point.


Requirements to get a Turkish Citizenship

When we look for the standard rules to get Turkish citizenship, we would see that the main expectation of the government to give citizenship is showing your belonging to the country. 

Residing in Turkey

According to related law in Turkey, one of the requirements to get Turkish citizenship is residing for five years in Turkey uninterruptedly before the date of your citizenship application. This means that you would probably have to move to Turkey with the intention to continue your life in Turkey to make a living or for your retirement life to get Turkish citizenship.

Speaking Ability in Turkish

Another requirement to get citizenship is having enough speaking ability in Turkish. This expectation shows that the government does not want to have citizens who face with problems in their daily life because of lack of knowledge about the language of the country. This requirement reflects the government’s interest to see your long-term residency plans to give you citizenship.

Earning a Livelihood

Having enough economic resources and a good profession to earn a livelihood for you and your dependents is another requirement. This is a standard procedure to get citizenship in any country. In addition, you don’t have to earn a livelihood in Turkey, your earnings from any country would provide you to fulfill this condition.

Being a Turkish Citizen by Marriage

Getting married to a Turkish citizen is another opportunity to get Turkish citizenship. However, the important point is marriage does not give you Turkish citizenship directly. You need to stay to be married for three years and political authority will want to see your intention to continue your marriage to get Turkish citizenship through marriage.


There are exceptions to get a Turkish citizenship thanks to such benefits you can provide for the country. According to ‘Turkish Citizenship Law’, bringing to Turkey industrial plants, or being beneficial or having a great potential for being beneficial in technological, economic, social, sportive, cultural, and artistic fields will make much easier to get Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of Property Investment in Turkey

Among the ways to get Turkish citizenship, the easiest and quickest way is getting Turkish citizenship by property investment. This way became possible by presidential decrees that had been published in 19 September 2018, and 07 December 2018. Thanks to these decrees, foreigners are able to become a Turkish citizen by buying properties whose total worth is 250.000. The easiest way for benefiting from this legislative regulation is buying a dwelling house. At this point, before explaining the advantages of getting Turkish citizenship by this way, it’s highly recommended to find a good and experienced ‘Real Estate Service & Developer’ company as a consultant like this website that will offer you the best properties with the best price guarantee that will suit you for your citizenship.

Legislative Advantages

There are several legislative advantages for getting Turkish citizenship by property investment. First of all, when buying a property whose worth is equal or more than 250.000 dollars, your husband/wife and your non-adult children will also become Turkish citizens, so you won’t have to make effort to make your every family member Turkish citizen separately. Second, there’s not any necessary for permanent domicile for citizenship when you buy a property that is precious enough. Third, you don’t have to declare goods for your properties in other countries that would bother you with bureaucratic processes. 

Economic Advantages

You will also have economic advantages for your property investments in Turkey. Real-Estate market and construction sector are the leading sectors in the Turkish economy. Therefore, while there is no risk to invest in Real-Estate sector in Turkey, there is also an opportunity to earn high gains. The only requirement in this process is you need to keep your property investment for 3 years. After that period, you would enjoy your profits while you became a Turkish citizen easily at the same time. 

What is the Best Way of Maximize the Profits for Property Investment in Turkey?

At this point, to maximize your profit and your extra benefits we recommend you again to visit the website of Property TR because with giving the procuration to such a company that is highly experienced in this sector, you can enjoy minimizing your effort, getting the best service that suits you with a high success rate while avoiding language barrier. Moreover, Property TR offers you to benefit from opportunities in different regions of Turkey instead of focusing on a specific region. 

Ultimately, getting Turkish citizenship by property investment appears as the intersection point of the easiest and quickest way of getting Turkish citizenship, and finding a good place for making a property investment. Real-estate is the leading sector in Turkish economy and it’s a kind of ‘too big to fail’ sector. That is why it is a safe and profitable sector to make investments in Turkey.

With the help of the highly experienced ‘Real Estate Service & Developer’ company that will guide you for the best properties with the best price guarantee whether you want to move to Turkey by getting a citizenship directly or making profitable investment in Turkey you can benefit outweigh the costs by renting or selling your property a couple of years later with a higher price while you enjoy doing business easily because of being a citizen at the same time.

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