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How To Gain Most Profit From Real Estate Turkey

How To Gain Most Profit From Real Estate Turkey

The recent growth of real estate Turkey has been in the news for quite some times. And because of that, people from almost all around the world are showing interest to invest here. And if you are one of them, then you are in for a treat. The lands here are highly recommended to invest because most of the buildings are newly built and haven’t been used.


Why choose Turkey?

The question should be why not? With the rapid progress and all the investment, Turkey is becoming a super land. From a business perspective you will be gaining tons of profit by investing here. And if you are willing to shift abroad, the commodities of Turkey are far too better than any other places.

  • First of all, everything here is cheap especially if you are used to live in the European countries. From service bills, taxes, foods, goods etc is almost half the price here. You can easily live a grand life in budget.
  • You can get cheap but grand real estate Turkey properties here. The infrastructure here is modern, as well as the newly built. So, this is your only chance to make profit with little investment.
  • Turkish passport hold special advantages in the world. If you like to travel a lot, with a Turkish passport you can travel visa-free in 117 countries. You will be also grant from border entrance. So, less worries to add in your list.
  • There are so many people from different backgrounds that you will have no problem in settling down. People here are very respectful and accepting towards other’s beliefs.
  • The weather is also pleasant most of the time. Especially at the Mediterranean region, the oceanic breeze is something to enjoy throughout the year.
  • Food is what bind us all. The cuisine of Turkey is world famous, especially Turkish delight. The mix cultural background have deep influence on the dishes here. So, an ultimate heaven for food lovers.
  • The healthcare industry of Turkey is famous worldwide. From having advanced surgical techniques, hospitals to treatments, everything is here.

So, if you are either planning to move here or invest, in both scenarios you will be getting your money’s worth. Here are the ways to gain maximum profit by investing in Turkish real estate…

Select the best realtor to get the best real estate Turkey

The key to make profit in the real estate market is to get help from an experienced realtor. Which is not easy to do. In order choose the right agent for the job, you need to research a bit. Because Turkey is a growing market there are many agencies present but search for the one which have been in the business the longest. Ask questions to clear your doubts and to know about their offers and whole process. Some of these unauthorised agent may try to dodge these questions if they are not genuine.

Enlist properties with price comparison

There will be no shortage of good properties in Turkey and you will get to choose according your budget. Different agents will offer different prices for a place and in order to get the cheapest one you need to compare the amount. Don’t go off to buy real estate Turkey from the first realtor you speak to. Research more and choose among the best. You can also try negotiation to lessen the prices more.

Choose the best location for future profit

A proper location can make your investment more profitable in the near future. Some lands in every country hold more value than the other parts. And these lands rises in value and simultaneously the properties present in these areas also rises in demand. But these properties will not come at a reasonable price. You may have to go outside of your budget a bit but in exchange you can expect much more return at the time of resale.

Invest in a grand villa

If you don’t have enough money to invest at a high-demanding location then try to get a villa as these are known to rise in value. Due to the low exchange rate here, you can easily own a sophisticated villa in your budget. And afterwards, you can increase the price for when you want to sale it. Villas always stays in demand, so there will be no shortage of buyers in future.

Turn your property into a holiday home

If you are not planning on moving in Turkey right at the moment then you can make it into a holiday home. Turkey is a famous holiday destination in the world and there are always tourist present here. Therefore, if you want to make instant profit, a holiday home is the best decision . This way, the real estate Turkey property will be in use and you’ll earn some extra penny as well.

Give it to rent

Rental properties also are in demand in here. Some people come to Turkey in order to change their scenery and then a rental apartment comes in handy for them. This way, you won’t have to move here to take care of the property but your place will be safe from burglary. And let’s not forget about the monthly income you’ll earning.

Apart from generating profit you should also check for the pitfalls that may occur during the buying process. there are still some things you need to avoid to be safe from getting defrauded. Here are the list of precautions you need to take…

  • Avoid buying properties by only talking on the phone. There are some agencies which urges to sale a property without offering a visitation tour. These will eventually rob you out of your money by selling damaged properties.
  • Make sure to learn more about your neighbourhood. Is the surroundings safe or did the place faced any kind of criminal activities? Talk to some locals to learn about these facts. By this, you can also learn how many public commodities such as, transportation, malls are present near the area.
  • Never forget to ask for the NOC certificate. In real estate Turkey, having the No Objection Certificate is important in order to get full ownership of the property. If the seller have not cleared all the due taxes of the land then you cannot own the property legally, which can bring legal hardship in the future.
  • Outstanding dues is also something you need to look out for. There are several lands in Turkey, which are under the ownership of military department. And only by having a permission certificate from the authorities, you can have the land under your name. Thus, make sure to ask for the clearance certificate from the seller.
  • Don’t sign any paperwork or legal documents without hiring a lawyer. Even though, your realtor can look at these for you but they will also work for the seller. So, get your own legal individual for the inspection. They can give you legal advice as well as keep you safe from loopholes.
  • Plan a budget. Just by investing in real estate Turkey, you expenses will not end. Afterwards comes the responsibility of moderation, renovation, alterations, decoration, furnishing and paying property tax. So, these expenses can become a headache if you did not planned from the start.
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