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How To Become A Turkish Citizen

How To Become A Turkish Citizen

How to become a Turkish citizen is a question belongs to some people who saw Turkey even for once. Because we all know Turkey is a great country for many reasons. Your reason for becoming a Turkish citizen could also be economical. The Turkish Lira is a lot cheaper than Dollar or Euro. This is another reason for people to want to invest in Turkey. 

Here are some reasons for you to become a Turkish citizen.


What Will You Gain From A Turkish Citizenship

If you manage to get a citizenship in Turkey, this will mean that you will;

1. Benefit from Turkey's national healthcare plan (which is usually free, if not free than very inexpensive)
2. Right to vote and to be elected
3. Purchasing a car and being excluded from customs duties
4. Enter Turkey without needing a visa
5. Buy property without a military check
6. Won't be in need of work permit to work

Unlike getting a long term residence permit, your citizenship will mean that you can benefit from every right any other Turkish citizen has.
And if you are not one of those people who were born in Turkey or has a parent who is a Turkish citizen, you will have to follow a few steps.

Ways of How to Become a Turkish Citizen

1. Marriage

This is actually the cheapest way to become a Turkish citizen. But if you don't actually have someone who you actually love and want to get married and he or she happens to be a Turkish citizen, The Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management will definitely find that out because they have routine controls. This means that you will be prosecuted by the security authors.
Even after you are married there are rules you have to follow. As a couple, you two will have to live unitedly. You have to ought that you won't be a threat to public or national security.

If you were married with your spouse for the last three years you can apply to become a Turkish citizen. And after you get your citizenship you can get divorced but can still keep the citizenship.

If your child has a Turkish father or mother she or he will be a Turkish citizen without needing to apply. But if you have a child who was born outside of Turkey without Turkish parents she or he has to be adopted by a Turkish citizen in order to be a Turkish Citizen.


2. Inhabitancy

If you have been living in Turkey for the last 5 years and you have not been outside of Turkey for the last six months this means that you can apply to become a Turkish citizen. But this is probably the hardest one of all the ways of becoming a Turkish citizen because with this way you will have to have a residence permit and it will require a lot of steps. Because short term residence permit is for maximum 2 years.  It will take a long time to continuously expand your Turkey residence permit. And you will have to take a Turkish test with an officer. If the officer decides that you can't speak Turkish well enough, he/she can refuse your application.

3. Owning a Property

If you have a property in any city of Turkey, you will have a residence permit. And if you have a property for the last five years, you can apply to become a citizen. But the primary condition for it is that you have to remain six months each year in Turkey. Unlike the next step, there is no limit for your property.


4. Buying A House For $250.000

If you buy a house from anywhere in Turkey for at least $250.000, you will have your citizenship as well as your family members. This number used to be higher ( it was 1.000.000$ ) but now it is reduced. With this method, not only you but also your bloodline and spouse will be a Turkish citizen. This means the translation will be easier and cheaper than the method which was explained in number 3. If you want to take a look at the Turkish property, you can look around to here.

5. With Investment

If you are a foreigner that wants to do business in Turkey there are multiple ways. And many of them will help you obtain Turkish citizenship.
There are hundreds of foreign investors who made millions of dollars in return for their investment in Turkey. Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law makes it clear that if you want to obtain Turkish nationality there are few ways.

First of them is by investing in fixed capital for at least 500.000$. Second one is by providing jobs to at least 50 people. Also, you can deposit at least $500.000 to a Turkish Bank within the condition of keeping the money there for three years. With these methods, you can invest in Turkey and make a great amount of profit and become a Turkish citizen. If you want to find an eligible investment in Turkey you can look at here.

There is an available way of getting citizenship for everyone. If you are a businessman who wants to invest you can simply make a good investment in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship. If you want to become a Turkish citizen with your family you can just buy a house and start living in your house as a Turkish.

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