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How To Acquire Turkish Citizenship By Property Investment

How To Acquire Turkish Citizenship By Property Investment

Getting Turkish citizenship is surprisingly easy and has allured many foreign investors across the world. Among the many ways through which you can do it, the most popular is perhaps turkish citizenship by property investment. Not only is it easy and hassle-free but also entitles you to enjoy scores of benefits from dual citizenship to lifetime free health care and education.

Here are some highlights.


Why Turkish citizenship by property investment is alluring to investors

Turkey is the crossroads of two continents—Europe and Asia, which makes it easier to travel between the continents easier. The diverse culture in Turkey with numerous religions has created an osmotic society in the country, which is also a spot at which emerging and advanced economies merge. Turkey is extremely popular among tourists, so much so that it ranked the 6th most frequented country in 2019 with Istanbul, the country’s capital being the most popular hub. As a G20 member country, Turkey strives for an international financial stability along with other European countries.

Turkey offers two kinds of investments to foreign investors for the acquisition of citizenship—via investment in property or investment in bank.

On September 18, 2018, the Official Gazette brought out the new regulations— by which the minimum investment amount from USD 1 million to USD 250,000 for property acquisitions. Thus, amendments made to Turkey’s citizenship law have made it all the more accessible for foreign investors to invest in a Turkey property.

If you acquire turkish citizenship by property investment you not only become a citizen of Turkey alone, but also enjoy manifold benefits. When you carry a Turkish passport, you are entitled to visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to Southeast Asian countries—including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand and over 110 countries around the world.

You will be entitled to the state pension, along with free healthcare, and education. You will hold to hold dual citizenship and as well as your right to vote. Also, two vital visas— the E2 Investor Visa (for relocating in the US) and the Businessperson Visa (for relocating in the UK).

Once you are a Turkish national, relocating to Britain through the Turkish Businessperson Visa is really easy. Under the Ankara Agreement this special visa allows you to start a business in the UK, and eventually obtain your British citizenship. Under the European Community Association Agreement, (or the Ankara Agreement), you as a Turkish passport-holder can establish businesses in the UK. You are also entitled to obtain residency rights.

Turkish nationals are also eligible to apply for relocation to the US through the E2 Investor Visa. This is under treaties in place between the two countries. Through the E2 visa, you are allowed to relocate to the US with your family.  The E2 visa is processed at a great rapidity — barely a few months. It is undoubtedly an easier alternative for foreign investor investors who have to wait for an inordinately long period in other countries.

What legal procedure must you follow for Turkish citizenship by property investment?

You will require the following documents when you apply for your citizenship:

  • passport copies
  • health insurance
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • power of attorney
  • application form

Also, when you apply for your turkish citizenship by property investment, it is advisable that beyond consultation you must prepare your documents and visit Turkey; apply for a bank account tax id and insurance. Complete your investment and apply for residency. It is a simple procedure than most other developing countries and invariably a wise investment.

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