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How Much Does Turkish Citizenship Cost?

How Much Does Turkish Citizenship Cost?


Citizenship Application Process


Before the beginning, we must know how much does Turkish citizenship cost then, we will know the process step by step. First, how to obtain it? Obtaining Turkish citizenship begins with people who are older than 18 years older. Applicants must make this process in the governor's office in the city center. During your application process, your foreign citizenship number is taken first. The person who is applying for citizenship can stay abroad with the term of residence but not exceeding six months period. The period must not be exceeding six months over or it is considered as the residency period and also it may prevent an unfavorable situation for your application process. For foreigners, all official documents must be obtained from foreign authorities (like diplomas and old passports) and they have to be approved by the Turkish translation and notary public. The citizenship application period can last up to two months. Other than that, the process is in link with the right connection of your good behavior. Adverse behaviors of yours may affect the application process as acquisition, and evaluation.


Other Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship


One of the other ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship is to be stateless in his or her homeland and he or she must be 18 years older for distinguishing to Turkish law.


Like in everywhere of the world, it is another consideration for them to demonstrate with individual behavior that they have decided to live and settle in Turkey or not. By the rules of Turkish society and the rights such as adopting the concepts of law.

But, some of the behaviors that may negate the application for the citizenship process. These are:


1) Not showing an intention to settle in Turkey

2) Residents in case of Education,

3) Residents for treatment purposes.

4) Persons who have applied for asylum,

5) Those who reside with their children to accompany them,

6) Living in the state of the Republic of Turkey as an asylum seeker,


Turkish citizenship conditions have directly interacted with the applicant's socially well-behaved. Negatively behaviors could affect citizenship progress.

Turkish Citizenship by Ownership Progress


Foreigners may consider real estate ownership in Turkey and they can gain Turkish citizens through their investments. But how much does Turkish citizenship cost? This question answered by the Turkish citizenship law which has officially taken in 2018, those who invest at least 500 thousand American dollars in banking, may apply without any problems with the decision of the Ministry board. Also, the reduction of the limit on the sale of real estate to 250 thousand American dollars has been a reason for getting Turkish citizenship for a foreigner. Turkey is a growing country. The geopolitical location is also another important thing for Asia and Europe nations in every way. It has two straits that this makes it a powerful condition for sea transportation and more. For these reasons, you can make some profitable investments in Turkey. You can make your investments not only in business but also in real estate too.


We'd like you to look at this website for property prices in Turkey. From here you can look for land, houses or other purchases in any region of Turkey. For example, if you are looking for a comfortable place to holiday, we would like to advise like Izmir, Antalya, Muğla, etc. Nature, culture and more will be important for your investments and for your future after you become Turkish citizenship. For example, in Istanbul, Şişli attracts many people who want to experience wildlife especially with its long coast and green forest. It is frequently chosen by weekend holiday relaxing. Büyükçekmece is for those who want to live a quiet life is for simple life living. Away from the city's crowded. Izmir/Mavişehir is another one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey for living. It has long coastal promenade, bike paths, sports fields, and amazing landscape.


In general, the Turkish citizenship fee includes passport transactions, the required documents fee, etc. Except for the fee of investment, purchase and sale options with the price option is varies. If you have a home or a property in a foreign country where you live, you can make this process easier and even add dual citizenship to your assessment according to your request in any region of Turkey during the transition to Turkish citizenship.

General prices of summer houses in the Aegean varies according to different criteria from being close to the sea, from building to material quality, from location to size, etc.

Instead of buying and selling a house in summer areas like (Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Muğla, etc.), for those who want to make their own build,  the price of a summer house' square meter starting from two thousand Tl up to twelve thousand TL and more.

But as a result of these transactions, some conditions have been introduced. Investment for 3 years and deposits in the bank are not sold or used. In return, unlimited citizenship will be granted by laws.

As we mentioned earlier, the period of transition of foreign nationals to Turkish citizenship is protected by certain laws. The process of applying for Turkish citizenship involves complex and careful procedures. These operations are carried out with rigor and sensitivities on the part of the special administrative centers of the states.
If we want to give an example of the price amounts in other countries such as:
For America 500 thousand dollars at the end of 5 years,
Germany, 250  thousand euros,
Canada, 400 thousand dollars,
Greece,250 thousand euros real estate investment and purchases are required to obtain Turkish citizenship by ownership.

Passport Tuition Fees in Turkish Citizenship Cost


Under the citizenship fee, also the passport tuition fees are rearranged annually according to the inflation ratio in Turkey. Passport fees vary demanding the period of requested time of applications of passport, but also the passport book fee shows an increase in the passport period time.


Passport Duration     Passport Fees     Passport Book Price

6 months                       150,40 TL                    133,00 TL

1 year                            248.26 TL                    133,00 TL

2 years                           405,00 TL                    133,00 TL

3 years                           575,00 TL                    133,00 TL

4 +                                  811,00 TL                   133,00 TL


Totally, these costs tell us "How much does Turkish citizenship cost?".

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