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Facts About Turkey Citizenship By Investment $300,000

3 February 2021
Facts About Turkey Citizenship By Investment $300,000

Every year thousands of people migrate from one country to other in search of better life and prospects. Turkey is one of the countries that top the list that witnesses a large number of migrations of foreigners as they apply for Turkish citizenship. One of the fastest routes for is Turkish citizenship by investment $300,000.

The popularity of citizenship by investment in Turkey came to limelight since the 2018. The minimum investment amount was reduced to $300,000 as compared to $ I million. This huge cut in the investment amount by the Turkish government has boosted the citizenship application by almost double the numbers from earlier number of people applying for Turkish citizenship.

Turkey citizenship by investment $300,000 for safe environment

A number of countries offer citizenship by investment prospects but Turkey is preferred because it has very safe and friendly environment. The number of foreign settlers from various European and Gulf countries is very high, so they form their own community. The locals also inter mingle with the foreign settlers.

Turkey citizens by investment $3000,000 as an option for dual citizenship

Turkey offers the lucrative choice of citizenship against investment of minimum $300,000. With an investment of this amount in real estate, the foreigners are eligible for Dual citizenship offered by Turkish Government. The applicants need not surrender their original citizenship to gain Turkish citizenship by investment process.

The dual citizenship law does not make a difference to the status or the facilities to the citizens opting for. The Turkish citizenship by investment $300,000 is one of the easiest and fastest methods of applying for investment.

The return on investment for $300,000

The investment of $300,000 in real estate in Turkey brings two benefits. Firstly, it helps you get through the process of citizenship in Turkey which has huge benefits of its own. Secondly, the investment in any type of real estate can bring you considerable return after specific term of investment.

The best process of earning good return on investment is to invest in commercial properties. Turkey being one of the major business centers has a high demand for commercial spaces. They earn good rental income. The capital price also adds on from the original price with every year.

Those looking for investing in residential property can also look forward to good rental income. The Turkish villas and apartments in various parts have high demand among people moving in Turkey for business or travel purpose.

Those people who are considering relocating to turkey with an investment of $300,000 do have bright prospects. Once you earn Turkish citizenship, you are free to work and live in Turkey for your entire life. You family is also eligible for citizenship. Turkey has a very low cost of living and very good business prospects; this means you can have a good lifestyle. Thriving economy of Turkey makes it one of the most preferred destinations for various types of trade and commerce activities.

Flexibility of Investment

The Turkish government has allowed a great deal of flexibility for the mode of investment by the foreigners interested in applying for Turkish citizenship by investment process.

  • The investment is required in any type of real estate.
  • The value of investment remains the same. People can also invest in shares of Turkish companies.
  • They can also invest in government issued bonds.
  • They can also invest in banks as fixed deposits or other products issued by Turkish banks.

Once all the investment procedures are complete, the authorities grants citizenship within 3-6 months following the application investment. Turkey citizenship by investment $300,000, grants the applicants Turkish passport and complete facilities given by the government.


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