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How Does The Process Of Becoming A Turkish Citizen Work?

How Does The Process Of Becoming A Turkish Citizen Work?

Turkish citizenship according to law changes in the regulations dated 09.19.2018 on the implementation of the home area of 250 thousand dollars from Turkey with his family to the foreign acquisition of Turkish citizenship rights provided.


Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship:

1) Acquisition of Turkish citizenship ın general by the decision of the competent authority

Residing in Turkey for five years without interruption, and with any foreign power to distinguish between adult; To verify the behavior he decided to settle in Turkey, the absence of a disease that poses a threat in terms of general health, to speak Turkish enough, he and to ensure the livelihood of whom dependents to have or employment income, will be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order, in case of any conditions such as the absence of the General Authority by the decision of the competent authority can apply for Turkish citizenship.

2) Exemption of Turkish citizenship that industrial facilities in Turkey or scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic area of outstanding service to the people sooner or later will be considered and reasoned proposals made in the ministries rights.

Foreigners and those who have obtained a residence permit in accordance with the International Protection Law and foreigners who hold a Turkuaz Card and their foreign spouse, his or her spouse's minor or dependent foreign children, Foreigners deemed necessary for naturalization. Foreigners who are considered as immigrants may acquire Turkish citizenship exceptionally by the decision of the Council of Ministers provided that they do not constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

On the other hand, as stated in the introduction of the article, according to the amendment of the regulation on the implementation of the Turkish citizenship law dated 19.09.2018, citizenship can be acquired under the following conditions.

Becoming a Turkish citizen carefully examining other conditions;


  • The Ministry of Economy, where it has invested at least 500,000 USD in fixed capital,
  • (Citizenship to foreigners home in Turkey) At least 250,000 (one million) to the US dollar amount of the sale of three real estates in the land registry annotation of the year to put the purchase on the condition that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Security, where it employs at least 50 people,
  • At least one million US Dollars deposits in banks operating in Turkey has invested three years they must keep the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency,
  • Foreigners determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, which they have purchased for at least 250.000 US Dollars on condition that they hold the State debt instruments for three years, can be evaluated within this scope and may apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship upon the decision of the Council of Ministers.

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A provision was added to Article 20 of the Regulation on the Application of the Citizenship Law, which regulates the conditions for the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship, and to provide citizenship rights to foreigners investing in capital market instruments. Accordingly, at least $ 1.5 million in real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share and holding it for three years, foreigners will be given the right to Turkish citizenship.

How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship?

  • Applications for the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship;
  • To the provincial governorship of the country (Directorate of Population and Citizenship),
  • If abroad Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Turkey is done personally or special power of attorney for the exercise of this right.

How Is The Residence Period Calculated?

Residence for a foreigner living in Turkey according to the Turkish laws. In the validity and calculation of residence periods for the foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship;
How long the residence of the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration of Foreign issued a residence permit in Turkey and is determined by the certificate showing the dates of entry and exit to Turkey.

It cuts the residence time to spend outside more than the total of 12 months in Turkey Foreign or valid residence permit or without a residence permit for more than 12 months without a period of residence is located in Turkey, and that date is not taken into account previous periods of residence.

The legal residence without permission or legal agreement which show the intention of settling in Turkey; refuge or asylum applicants, refugees, education, tourism, escorted to studying children with a residence permit received for purposes such as treatment or diplomatic or consular with the foreign mission staff identity card that provides immunity privilege to reside in Turkey can not be considered valid residence in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the person who causes unacceptable residence in Turkey later considered a valid reason for linking the residence is taken into account in previous periods of residence. This provision shall not apply to those with touristic purposes residence permit in Turkey.

Recommendations for Foreigners That Apply For Turkish Citizenship

  • It is a privilege to be citizens of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, all foreigners applying for Turkish citizenship;
  • There should not be any obstacle in terms of national security and public order,
  • Pay attention to the fact that the documents and information they provide are real,
  • Not to give more than real exaggerated information and documents on behalf of gaining Turkish citizenship,
  • Foreigners who apply for Turkish citizenship on the grounds that they are married to a Turkish citizen; having children in marriage and continuing their marriage in good faith gives them an advantage. Marriage should not be made for the purpose of acquiring citizenship.
  • It is recommended that third parties or institutions, other than the relevant and competent authorities, disregard their information and recommendations.
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