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How Does the Home Sale Procedure Work to Foreigners?

How Does the Home Sale Procedure Work to Foreigners?

Buying a home from a different country is a very popular issue. Getting to know the culture of the place and visiting the sights is like a discovery. People buy a house in a different country and invest in it and live there if they want. Turkey is among the countries preferred to buy houses. Some sales procedures are available and must be followed. You can find information about this topic in our article.


Why Turkey?

Why Turkey, there are a lot of answers to the question. Some of those:

  • The geographical location is beautiful.
  • Transportation is improved.
  • Historical and natural beauty is more.
  • It has houses with amazing views.
  • House prices are reasonable.
  • There are many beautiful beaches.
  • It is a developing country.

Documents Required for Application

You must prepare the required documents in full. You have to deliver it to the land registry office.

Required documents:

  • The title deed certificate of the real estate should be kept.
  • Must have proof of identity or passport.
  • Photo of buyer and seller taken in the last 6 months
  • Property fair value certificate
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance certificate should also be provided.

Buying Process 2 Months Continues

The purchaser of the real estate must submit the documents in full to the land registry office. The procedures are completed in 2 months.

Some Restrictions

Since 2012, many legal arrangements have been made and the purchase of home for foreigners has become easier. But there are some limitations. For example:

  • The size of the real estate should be no more than 30 hectares.
  • The total real estate purchased cannot exceed 10 percent of the areas subject to private property in the district where the house is purchased.
  • Houses cannot be purchased from restricted areas.
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