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House sales surge to 23.5% in 1st half of 2020

House sales surge to 23.5% in 1st half of 2020

Turkey's statistical authority shared on 14 of July, in the first half of 2020 total residential properties were sold in Turkey are 624,769.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, housing sales increased by 23.5% or by numbers of 118,973 units in the six month period, with increasing year on year. In the same period the new houses sold were 197,772, while the remaining were second hand sales.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city by population and one of its top tourist centers, took the biggest share of housing sales with 106,311 units over the same period. Capital Ankara and the Aegean province of Izmir followed Istanbul with 69,078 and 39,331 housing sales, respectively. Mortgaged housing sales were recorded at 266,734 – a 42.5% share of all sales over the same period.

In june, housing sales increased rapidly by 109.7% to reach 190,012 units, 58,632 new and around 131,380 second hand, on a yearly basis. While Turkish state lenders lowered rates for housing loans in June to 0.64% for new houses and 0.74% for second hand houses, and extended loan's maturity up to 15 years.

House sales to foreigners

In the period of January to June, nearly 14,262 houses were bought by foreigners, less than last year which made in the same period 19,952 units. Istanbul was the top city for foreigners with 6,902 property sales, while Mediterranean resort city of Antalya made 2,708 sales and capital Ankara came third with 964 sales.

Top foreign countries in buying properties in Turkey

Iranian citizens were top buyers of Turkish properties with 2,628 housing sales. Iraqis, Chinese, Azerbaijanis and Russians were among the top five. According to data showed on, in June 2020, foreigners bought some 1,664 housing units, down from 2,689 on an annual basis.

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