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Get The Most Of Turkish Citizenship By Investment Military Service

Get The Most Of Turkish Citizenship By Investment Military Service

Turkey is a beautiful country to live in. From serene beauty to high-end places to grow old, everything is here. And that is why, there are so many people who are so eager to be a part of this beautiful place. Which is why, the government of Turkey have simplified the rules and regulations to encourage more foreigners to be a part of their culture. Now you can too get a Turkish citizenship by investment military service with ease.


How the Turkish citizenship by investment military service works?

It is fairly simple really. According to the Turkish law and regulations of real estate investment, one can easily register for residency permit after investing in a land in Turkey. That means, after getting your own place here, you will not have to go through any extended process to become a legal citizen here. And you can achieve that only by investing a somewhat sum of $250,00. A very low cost when compared to the European countries.

The military services of foreigners who becomes Turkish citizens

It is mandatory to serve in Turkish military services for the male citizens. And if you are keen on becoming a part of Turkey, you should know about some of the facts considering this rule. Males between a specific age group, who are free of some of the disease are obligated to serve a military duties.

Here are some of the rules of becoming a part of military services…

  • If you have entered Turkey before you have turned 22 and then got your citizenship status, then you are obligated to serve in the military services.
  • If you have entered Turkey after turning 22, then you are in under no obligation to join the force.
  • The same rule will be applied to the person who are of Turkish origin but entered Turkey after turning 22. In this case they can be exempted if they have previously served in the previous country.
  • Foreigners can also get exempted from military duties by applying for TCBI.

The benefits of Turkish citizenship in the long hawl

After getting Turkish citizenship by investment military service, you can avail many benefits from this country.

  1. The first and foremost factor is, the real estate market is growing rapidly. Thus, if you are interested in investing more on the field, you will be getting heaps of profit. Because the market is still growing and the high rates are yet to catch-up on.
  2. Plus, if you hold a Turkish passport, you would get visa-free entry to 77 countries along with border entry to 7 countries by online visa.
  3. The Turkish government have not set a time-frame of staying there after getting citizenship with investing programme. So, less things to worry about.
  4. You will also don’t have to show any proof of properties you own in other countries. Just proof of clean police background and source of income is enough here.

If you are still not convinced here are some other advantages of a Turkish citizenship…

  • Growing infrastructure
  • Soothing climate
  • Increased international interest in Turkey
  • Developed healthcare services
  • Advantages of free and advanced education
  • Overall safe environment.
  • Home of mouth watering cuisine.

As mentioned above, the Turkish citizenship by investment military service is very much in favour of the recipient. The living cost is also very low as well as the investment rate. The people here are also very welcoming and friendly to the foreigners, so you won’t have much problems settling in. Apart from the language barrier to some extent, you can restart you life here easily.

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