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Fast and straightforward Turkish citizenship by investment process

Fast and straightforward Turkish citizenship by investment process

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment process is superfast. You will get your passport within 3-4 months and can enjoy equal rights like any naturalized citizen. 

The government of Turkey has earned some staggering revenue after the inception of this lucrative program. You will need to attach documents with the authorities and get some papers cleared. Let’s take a look at the schedule and point out its significant highlights. 

What is the Turkish citizenship by investment process program?

This program is set up by the central government in Turkey to attract foreign direct investment, especially across the real estate. You get citizenship when you invest a certain sum of money through a pre-approved investment program. There are similar investments to obtain citizenship programs in other parts of the world like Malta or St. Kitts and Nevis, but Turkey offers the cheapest alternative. 

There are limitless options to invest in Turkish real estate through this program, and the necessary clauses are:

  • You must invest a lumpsum money
  • The asset clauses are pre-defined for these investments
  • You will get a stamped passport with all the privileges in return

Why Should You Apply for Passport Through The Turkish citizenship by investment process?

Why the heck do you require a Turkish passport anyway? That’s a million-dollar question that has a simple answer because Turkey is strategically important for both Europe and Asia. When you apply for the Turkish citizenship by investment process, you will admire the rich culture and unique landscape of this place. Turkey offers many benefits for prospective investors, like a young population, cheap labor, and flexible policies for investment. Moreover, Turkey has the highest per capita GDP when compared to other countries that offer this program. 

Pros of Having a Turkish Passport

A Turkish passport gives you access to a lot of facilities, some of which are:

  • You can pass the benefits of citizenship to your children
  • You can visit 110+ countries free with a Turkish passport
  •  You will get access to live and work in the USA and UK as a Turkish Citizen
  • Receive your passport quick and fast within only 4 months after application
  • You and your dependents can live in Turkey with a citizenship
  • You can choose from 6 channels to obtain your investment citizenship passport

Application Process Of Obtaining Citizenship Through Investment Route

Buying an investment is the best way to obtain Turkish Citizenship. The process is easy, fast, and doesn’t have any formal interviews. However, there are documents that need to be arranged that you can entrust through a certified professional firm. Let’s discuss the steps of obtaining a passport through the investment program.

  • Look for cheap property in Turkey within $25,000 and open a bank account for monetary transaction
  • Obtain a certificate of eligibility from the ministry. You need to apply to the Directorate of Land Investment and Ministry of environment
  • Obtain a residence permit before starting your citizenship application. This is usually issued on the same day of the application process. It is considered the fastest in the world.
  • Lodge your application for citizenship once your residence permit is granted

The process is typically completed within the same day. There are no interviews and formal meetings. There is no need to stay in the country, and you can fly to your home. Turkish passport has 10 years' validity, so enjoy your investment and keep in turkey. Research has shown that foreigners who have purchased Turkish property have witnessed double-digit growth in valuation within a year. So, fly to Turkey and chase your dreams.

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