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Everything You Should Know About Turkish Citizenship Test

Everything You Should Know About Turkish Citizenship Test



Application for Turkish Citizenship and Steps to Be Taken


One of the common steps you should know before being a Turkish citizen is,  being older than 18 years old. The legal age boundary.  With your husband/wife or your children who are below the age of 18, they can progress in applications for citizenship may make with you without any hardship. Necessary stuff has to be made in the governor's office by yourself or by a special power of attorney whom you attended to. Following steps of your application, your foreign citizenship number is taken to register to the data bank. Necessary papers and documents which are obtained from foreign authorities (such as diplomas, passports) have to be approved and translated by the Turkish translation and notary public. This process may last up to 2 months.


By Birth With Turkish Citizenship


Common rights of nationals arriving by birth are protected by Turkish Republic laws and them except in the way of officially as Turkish citizenship. In this situation, the child who is born in Turkey or in an oversea country from a formal marriage and whose parents are Turkish citizen, they considered being a Turkish citizen by birth. Or a child whose birthplace is in Turkey but who cannot officially get the citizenship of any country due to the fact that one of the foreign family member's, they accepted as a Turkish citizen. All laws and rights are granted and protected to the child without discrimination in every way.


Property-Based Citizenship


Foreigners may think about real estate ownership to gain Turkish citizenship through investments. By Turkish citizenship law which took in 2018, those who will invest at least 500 thousand US dollars in banking, be able to apply without any problems with the decision of the Ministry board.

By Marriage Condition


It is not possible to be a citizen with a single marriage condition. And, foreigners who remain married to a Turkish citizen for a maximum of three years without any problem, they can apply for Turkish citizenship application form. These are the laws you have to follow ;


1) Order of living in the happily family union,

2) Must not to create a situation which may disrupt the marriage,

3) It is a priority that not to act as a social and moral obstacle.


International Overall Gaining Turkish Citizenship


1) Being stateless in their homeland,

2) Being older than 18 years old can be distinguished according to Turkish law.


Situations that could create negativity effects in your citizenship application:

1) Do not show an intention to live in Turkey,
2) Persons who have applied  are an asylum,
3) Without any permission, living in Turkey as an asylum seeker.


Turkish Citizenship Generalization and Content


We told everything you should know about Turkish citizenship test as its processes and operation of citizenship application for you. Besides, many ways of obtaining citizenship are not ending here.  The advantage of being Turkish citizenship is not only officially limited to law and rights. However, there are many state-owned charities involved in the protection of your legal and social rights. Without any inequality by legal means, your identity and your human being are protected by law.

Binding Terms and Conditions of Turkish Citizenship


In every country, laws are continuously changing due to the fact that from social factors and moreover with political content. By any foreign nationals are protected by the same equality laws as in any Turkish citizen who is living in the Turkish Republic as an equal and equitable approach.


Citizenship Services


Anyone who is Turkish citizenship is protected by certain laws. The general purpose of these laws is to determine procedural compliance with the damages that will occur in the acquisition to citizens and lost their Turkish citizenships. In the implementation of these laws, various government departments have duties and functions. These are:


1) Ministry,

2) Ministry of Interior,

3) Police Department,

4) The Constitutional Court

5) Directorate General of Population and Citizenship Affairs.


" By adoption, the decision of the competent authority or the exercise of the right to choose are other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship too."


Priority conditions need to be met to ensure the Turkish citizenship test's process. These are:


1) Provided you are 18 years old and not to have a mental disability condition,

2) Must have been living for 5 years in Turkey,

3) They have to decide to settle in the Turkey Republic,

4) To be able to speak Turkish at a sufficient level.


Priority thing is applicants' conditions which are have directly interacted with situations in their socially well-behaved. This means, in any other bad behavior could jeopardize the citizenship process position achieved and leading to the imposition of punishable sanctions.


Breaking Condition of Turkish Citizenship


Accusations of non-loyalty to the Turkish Republic or treason can highly lead to the loss of their Turkish citizenship by turning into criminal sanctions by the Council of ministers. Or being involved to help another foreign country which wants to achieve a goal to destruct against Turkish Republic policies, would be one of the main reasons for the expulsion of Turkish citizenship.


In this article, you will get everything you should know about the Turkish citizenship test. What can you do?  How to get official documents?  Where do you need to go for the Turkish citizenship application form and furthermore, you are ready to be a Turkish citizen. In any circumstances, no matter if you are a foreigner or not, you will get equally all the rights and law as a Turkish citizen. All of your rights are under the protection of the Turkish Government. Or you can easily get the support of the necessary charities if you needed. All the things you need to be done is to follow the rules and use the advantages that Turkish citizenship can give you as a loyal citizen.


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