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Easy Ways to Buy Second Hand Property in Istanbul

Easy Ways to Buy Second Hand Property in Istanbul

Who doesn’t want to have a place of their own especially when it comes to buy a second hand property in Istanbul. Istanbul is a beautiful place and also one of the most popular places in Turkey in which foreigners seek to have a home in. But if you are looking to have a business spot in here, you can also find the best spot with the help of an agent.

If you are new at buying the best second hand property in Istanbul then

  • You must know all the important details of completing this task, specially if you are non Turkish.
  • Get a residence permit.
  • Get an NOC before buying the property
  • Make sure it is free of any legal completions

Don’t worry, we are here to make the process easier by giving you a step by step guideline to give your own place in Istanbul.

Get a residence permit before buying a second hand property in Istanbul

If you are a non Turkish person then it is vital that you obtain a residency certificate. It is important to have one from the competent authority in order to purchase a second hand property in Istanbul. Don’t worry, as the Turkish government gives an automatic residence permit to foreigners who seek to buy land in Turkey, and that lasts almost a year. Also get the free National Tax ID easily available at the local tax department.

Gather required NOC or No Objection Certificate to buy second hand property for sale in Istanbul

No Objection Certificate or NOC is very much required to have from the competent authority. If you are getting a mortgage property then NOC is vital to have in Turkey. In case of a mortgage property, you won’t be getting a legal ownership to a second hand property in Istanbul if you don’t issue a NOC from the bank. So if you want no hassles from legal authority, complete this task beforehand.

Make sure that the best second hand property in Istanbul is free of outstanding dues

The outstanding dues in Turkey is a little complicated to understand. In short, if a property is under outstanding dues than the land belongs to the military. That’s means the whole situation can get messy and you can face legal consequences. So, make sure that second hand property for sale in Istanbul is clear of outstanding dues.

Inspect the second hand property for sale in Istanbul

Don’t be totally dependent on the phone conversation and go inspect the place by yourself. Give a surprise visit and make sure to know all the details of the property. It is specially advised if you are buying an under construction second hand property in Istanbul.

Negotiate to get a second hand property for sale in Istanbul

Negotiation helps a man in buying anything at the best rate. And when it comes to buying a property, it can helps help you save many dollars. An expert real estate agent can help you in this case profoundly. You can also get special offers and flexible payment option from the owner.

Close the deal and reserve the best second hand property in Istanbul

If you have decided on which property to buy then don’t delay on paying the reservation deposit and freeze the property in your name. Sign the official paperwork after you have made up your mind because once the papers are signed you will not get the reservation amount back. And after that you can proceed to the purchase process. The amount you have given to book the second hand property in Istanbul will be deducted from the final price. So, why wait? Get your own place in Istanbul today.

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