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President Erdogan announces ‘mega industry zones’

President Erdogan announces ‘mega industry zones’

President Erdogan announces 'mega industry zones'

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that Turkey's region 5 "mega industrial zones" to be established soon.

President Erdogan has shared the following statements on his Twitter account, "At 5 different regions of our country, we are setting up mega industrial zones. By providing employment to 100 thousand people, Turkey will advance further in industry and technology. It’s time to produce. It’s Turkey's time.”

Erdogan's share also included a visual with details about the project. "National Breakthrough in Industry" title prepared with visual, "will make a splash with mega industrial zones in Turkey, we are forming an industry and technology infrastructure. We have completed the necessary legal work for that." information was included.

In addition, visual, on the map of Turkey, mega industrial zones which will soon be established are displayed "Investment Island Trabzon", "Karasu Place Individual Investments", "Filyoz Industrial Zone,", "Ceyhan Energy Specialization". In the Aegean region on the map there is also information about the establishment of a mega industry center.

In the shared image, the following expressions are also used: "We are establishing Mega Industry Zones, investing 45 billion lira with mega industry zones to be active in the first stage, 35 thousand jobs, investment of 140 billion lira with newly established mega industry zones.”

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