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Citizenship Process by Property Purchasing in Istanbul

Citizenship Process by Property Purchasing in Istanbul

For those who would like to have Turkish citizenship, buying a property is the most preferred method in the country. If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship, there is some crucial information that you need to know about the citizenship process by property purchasing in Istanbul, Turkey. You will be able to reach detailed information in the article we prepared for you. Let’s look at the details of purchasing property to have Turkish citizenship process in the country.


Conditions to Buy a Property in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship Process

Having knowledge about the required steps for purchasing property in Turkey will make the process easier for you. You must inform yourself about the process if you are planning to have Turkish citizenship. You should pay attention to the detail that we are going to share with you below.

  • First of all, you should never directly trust a real estate agent because of remarkable prices. You must search for a reliable real estate agent. If you are planning to purchase a property from the owner, you should inform yourself as well. To be sure of the success of the process, you can work with a lawyer during the purchasing process at the same time.
  • The property that you are going to buy must be a minimum of $250.000 or above. If you do not purchase a flat that is $250.000 or under, you will not be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Conditions to Buy a Property in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship Process

Important Steps that You Need to Complete for Citizenship Process

As we mentioned above, the price of the property and a reliable real estate agent is extremely crucial for the success of the process. After you pay attention to the mentioned details, there are some steps that you should follow. Here are the details of the citizenship process.

  1. The first step is getting a tax number in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship. You will be able to take a tax number at the tax offices in the country. You should have your passport to give to the office.
  2. After you have the tax number from the tax offices, you should have a bank account in the country. There are some required documents which are your passport and translation of your passport. The translation of the passport must be notarized as well.
  3. The evolution report is another required document for purchasing a property in Turkey. The cost of the evolution report can be changeable according to the company that you prefer.
  4. After you complete these 3 steps that you saw above, you will be able to buy a property in the country. It should be noted that the property must be a minimum of $250.000.
  5. When you purchased the flat and have the required documents, you should apply for a residence permit. You can reach more information about the residence permit and the process of the application on the article that we shared with you on our page by clicking the link that you are going to see below.

Turkish Residence Permit Requirements

How Can I Apply for Residence Permit in Turkey?

  1. After you completed all of the steps that you saw above, you will be able to apply for citizenship in Turkey. The approval process takes between 3 and 6 months.
  2. The documents and the information that you are going to give must be correct and reliable. You should never give incorrect or missing information during the process.
  3. All of the documents must be filled with Latin letters.
  4. You must have an ID card, your passport, and the notary approved translations of your passport as well.
  5. You should have 2 photographs which are appropriate for passport size and a birth certificate which includes your all family members. If you are going to apply for your family members, you should also have the marriage certificate at the same time.

Turkish Citizenship process - Property for sale in Turkey,

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