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Changes have been made to the application for Turkish citizenship

Changes have been made to the application for Turkish citizenship

The other day, new decisions for Turkish Citizenship were discussed at a cabinet meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . One of these decisions was the reorganization of the conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship. According to the regulation; the value of the real estate to be taken in the applications has been increased.

The application requirement is now 400k USD

Thus, the value of the real estate to be purchased for applying for exceptional Turkish citizenship was increased from 250 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars. Within the scope of the decision, it is envisaged to amend paragraph “b” of paragraph 2 of Article 20 of the Regulation on the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which contains provisions on the acquisition of Turkish citizenship in exceptional circumstances, paragraph 2.

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It will be published in the Official Gazette
The regulation will enter into force after its publication in the Official Gazette. Upon the entry into force of the application; at least 400 thousand US dollars or equivalent foreign currency in the amount of the deed of real estate to be sold and purchasers of property ownership records or commentary provided on an easement founded 3 years, at least 400 thousand US dollars and deposited in the land registry or the equivalent currency amount for a period of 3 years as you advance in the transfer and cancellation will be made the commitment that noted, edited by notarized contract of sale, provided that it is the environment where the Promised Land is, by the Ministry of urbanization and climate change are deemed Turkish citizenship by the decision of the president will be able to earn.

On the other hand, with a decision taken in September 2018, the projected cost of buying a house for citizenship was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250 thousand.

Legal restrictions on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners

– Throughout the country, a natural person of foreign nationality can purchase up to 30 hectares of real estate and obtain limited real rights.
– It is necessary to ask the authorized commandant by the Land Registry Office if the real estate is outside the military forbidden and security zones and to receive a positive answer for the acquisition. This procedure has been abolished in 71 provinces where military prohibition and security zones measurement studies have been completed.
– Foreign natural persons may acquire real estate and limited real rights up to 10 percent of the area face measurement subject to private ownership.
– Legal restrictions on the real estate pledge facility are not applied in favor of trading companies with legal entities established in accordance with their own legislation in foreign countries with natural persons.
– Acquired in violation of the provisions of the law; determined by the relevant Ministries and administrations to be used contrary to the purpose of acquisition; not applied to the relevant Ministry within the period of purchases provided for by the project or not completed projects within the period; real estate is subject to the liquidation provisions.


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