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Recently, many people from abroad have been using various ways to apply for Turkish citizenship. If you want to have Turkish citizenship and you want to obtain this citizenship, you can try various methods. After completing the necessary stages after a process waiting for you, you will be able to obtain your citizenship. If you want to get to know the challenges and stages waiting for you in this process, you should read the rest of the article. Thanks to the detailed information you will obtain, you can follow an easy way to obtain your Turkish citizenship. So start reading the details.

Buying Property to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

If you want to obtain your Turkish citizenship, one of the solutions for you would be to buy a property. By purchasing a property, you can acquire Turkish citizenship and start living in Turkey. But many conditions are waiting for you in this process. To complete these requirements, you must pass all of the stages correctly. In particular, you should not forget that the minimum price of the real estate you will buy will be 250,000 dollars. If you buy a place below this price when purchasing a property, you will not be able to apply for Turkish citizenship. Therefore, after this stage, you can start to examine what you need to do below.

  1. You should get your tax registration number.

If you are going to buy property in Turkey, your priority is to get a tax registration number. You will not be able to apply for Turkish citizenship without meeting this requirement. It is possible to obtain a tax registration number from any Tax Office you will apply to in Turkey. You must have your passport with you when obtaining this tax registration number. You should not forget that your passport must be translated and notarized. Thus, the process will begin to provide you with your tax registration number. This procedure usually takes 30 minutes. Upon completion of the transaction, your tax registration number will be presented to you.

  1. You must have a bank account in Turkey.

If you are going to apply for citizenship in Turkey, you must have a bank account. Thus, thanks to your bank account in Turkey, you will be able to purchase property and advance the citizenship process. There are also some processes for you to have a bank account in Turkey. In this process, you must submit the required documents to the required places and apply with those documents. Below are all the documents requested from you.

  • The bank will ask you for your passport. That’s why you should bring your passport with the translated version to the banks. If your passport is not translated, your transaction will not be approved.
  • Your translated passport must be notarized.
  • For property purchases, you must submit the appraisal report to the bank. The valuation report is for the property you want to buy. You will need to get an appraisal report before purchasing this property. The evaluation report has a fee. This fee varies from company to company. Generally, the cost of the evaluation report varies between 1750 and 5000. The variability of this cost depends on the company. You can ask the company you will deal with for details about this issue. In this way, you will get clarity on the price. Do not forget that the expert who will present the evaluation report to you must be licensed. This expertise must be approved by the CMB and BRSA.
  1. You must buy property.

After completing the above requirements you will be complete to buy property. So now it’s time to buy the property of your choice. Do not forget that as we mentioned, the cost of the property you will buy must be at least 250,000 dollars. You will not be able to obtain citizenship with the properties you will buy below this price. There are many properties you can buy in Turkey. After choosing the most suitable city for you, you can examine the opportunities and options that will come your way. In this way, you complete one more step by purchasing the real estate you see fit for you.

  1. You must apply for a residence permit for your property.

If you want to move to Turkey with your citizenship after purchasing the real estate you have chosen. Therefore, you will also need to apply for a residence permit after purchasing the property. There are some required documents to make this application. Please note that some costs will also incur for the residence permit application. Depending on your race, your residence permit fee may vary. Therefore, follow the details about residence permit applications. In this way, you can benefit from the information we provide to you as PropertyTr.

  1. You must apply for Turkish citizenship.

You will be ready to obtain your Turkish citizenship after you have completed all the steps we have presented to you above, correctly and in order. You aim to provide the application for Turkish citizenship. You will need to provide the necessary documents for this application to happen. Thus, by completing your application, you will be able to learn a result between 3 and 6 months.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Discover Other Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship

To obtain Turkish citizenship in Turkey, you do not only need to buy real estate. You will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship in the way you want with different methods. Even if the most preferred method is the purchase of the real estate, you can also learn about the various ways that can suit you. Thus, you can start your process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by choosing the method that suits you. Here, as PropertyTr, we offer you different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship below. Get detailed information by examining it.

  • If you do not want to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey, another method is to invest in a Turkish bank. After choosing any Turkish bank, if you invest $ 500,000 in this Turkish bank, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • Another way to get Turkish citizenship would be to create a job in the country. By creating a company in Turkey, you can turn it into a business with at least 50 employees. Thus, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • You can start to live in Turkey and work for 5 years. If you work in any job for 5 years, you will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship at the end of these 5 years. However, there are some requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship in this way. In particular, you will need a work permit and a residence permit to work in Turkey. To obtain these permits, you will need to complete the required documents and provide applications to institutions. Also, do not forget that you will have to renew your residence every year while living in Turkey for 5 years.
  • The last method for obtaining Turkish citizenship will be to marry a Turkish citizen. Do not forget that you cannot make a fake marriage while making this marriage. This marriage must be completely real. In addition, you must prove that your marriage is real when applying for Turkish citizenship. In this way, it will be possible for you to have Turkish citizenship.

Other methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship have been presented to you above. After choosing the most suitable one of these methods, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship. It is possible to obtain citizenship after a period of 3 to 6 months. Do not forget that apart from these methods, the most preferred way is the purchase of real estate and property. Thanks to this method, which offers you the easiest process, you can get Turkish citizenship. We would like to provide you with all the details and what you wonder about in this process. If you want to get the best service, you should prefer the PropertyTr privilege. For your questions and service details, you can contact us on +90 549 870 38 38.

Residence Permit Process After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

If you are ready to buy property in Turkey and you should start completing this process to obtain your citizenship. In this process, you can obtain your Turkish citizenship most easily by purchasing a property. After purchasing your property in Turkey, you will have to pay a certain price for the residence permit. You can find detailed information about this fee below.

Residence Permit Fee to Live in Turkey

Permit fees to reside in Turkey vary according to the length of your stay. In this process, the amount you will usually pay in the first month is around $ 8.75. If you’re staying in the county, the amount you have to pay each month is $2.30. Apart from these fees, if you are going to apply for a residence permit in the country for the second time, you will have to pay 125 TL. If you are going to enter the country without a visa, the fee that will be requested from you for your single entry will be 758.90 Turkish liras.

After you have registered for your residence permit, it is possible to check your residence permit regularly on the website. There will also be options for you to calculate on the government’s website. You can calculate your residence permit clearly from this site. After you fill out your residence permit registration form, you will see the details. Fees vary by nationality and are calculated in USD. If you want to live in Turkey with your family and there is a child under the age of 18 in your family, there will be a 50% discount on their residence permit. After you provide all the necessary information, you can access the monthly fee for your stay. Calculations required for adults and children are listed below. Using these calculations, you can calculate the required fees.

  • Adult calculation: First Month Fee + (Extra Months x Fee for Additional Months) = Total Fee
  • The calculation for children under 18: First Month Fee + (Extra Months x Extra Month Fees ÷2) = Total Fee for Children

If You Buy Real Estate for Turkish Citizenship, Is It Possible to Get a Residence Permit?

After purchasing real estate for Turkish citizenship, you may want to live in the property. Therefore, you will need to obtain a residence permit to live in these properties. Residence permit options in Turkey are:

  • Family home-stay permit
  • Student residence permit
  • Humanitarian residence permit
  • Work permit
  • permit for tourism
  • Permanent residence permit/long-term permit

You will need to renew the appropriate permission from these permissions. During your stay, you can live in Turkey as a result of regular renewals. The most important thing to remember is that the property you buy has a value of $250,000 or more. If this property does not meet the price range, you will not be able to apply for Turkish citizenship. You must also complete all required documents. So you can apply. Below are the documents required from you.

  • Certificate of Ownership (Deed)
  • Earthquake insurance report for the real estate you have purchased
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity from your country of origin
  • Family statement for your children. You will need a translation of this statement. In addition, your translated passport must also be notarized. Apart from this, your document will also need the approval of the Turkish Embassy.
  • Health insurance

After completing these necessary documents, you will be ready for a residence permit. You can also apply for Turkish citizenship by providing your residence permit. In this way, you will be ready to live in Turkey after obtaining your Turkish citizenship. It is very important that you have detailed information about the difficulties that await you in this process and that you receive a good service. Therefore, you can reach us for the most detailed information about the process. We are ready to provide professional support for you as PropertyTr.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

The Process of Making Your Residence Application for Turkish Citizenship

You may want to live in the real estate you purchased to obtain your citizenship in Turkey. To live in this property, you will need to apply for residency. You will need some documents when making this application. These documents are listed below.


  • 6 passport photos
  • Rental contract
  • Copy of title deeds
  • Turkish tax number
  • Bank statement and documents proving your financial situation
  • Health insurance (for people under 65 years old)

After these documents, you have to fill the application form. In this way, you can complete your residency procedure. It is not possible to get approval immediately after applying for a residence permit. The time varies depending on your situation and the validity of your documents.

Check Out the Opportunities You Will Gain as a Turkish Citizen

After completing all the necessary steps for Turkish citizenship, you will have a certain waiting period. If your Turkish citizenship is approved after this process, you will now be able to continue your life as a Turkish citizen. You will have many opportunities by obtaining Turkish citizenship. Thanks to these advantages, you will see that your life will become easier and your lifestyle will reach the best levels. Here are the opportunities waiting for you in this process, which you can examine below.

  • Thanks to your Turkish passport, you will have the right to travel to Turkey. In this way, you can go to many touristic places in the country, which are dazzling, and explore them. There are many places and cities in Turkey that will interest you. By visiting the cities you want, you will have the opportunity to examine the historical structures and artifacts of those cities. Get ready to increase your cultural level by visiting the most famous places in each city.
  • If you continue to live legally after obtaining a Turkish passport, your citizenship will be valid for your family. Thus, you can live for many years with your citizenship.
  • There are advanced medical facilities in Turkey. You will have medical rights in Turkey, which has a very good system with its hospitals. In this way, you will be able to benefit from many services in the field of health.
  • After getting your Turkish passport, you can access more than 100 countries, including South Korea and Japan, without a visa. In this way, you will have the opportunity to travel to other countries.
  • Turkish citizens have a retirement program. After you acquire Turkish citizenship, you will be entitled to benefit from retirement programs. In this way, you can spend your retirement with the conditions that Turkey provides for you.
  • Thanks to your Turkish passport and citizenship, you will have the right to education freely. Thanks to your freedom of education, you can continue your life by going to any institution. You may also encounter reimbursement plans for universities. You will be provided with various opportunities in the field of education. In this way, it is aimed to pass your education with a better process.
  • After you become a Turkish citizen, you will have a second passport. Having this passport does not mean that you do not have other citizenship. You can continue your life as a dual citizen without encountering any problems.
  • As a Turkish citizen, you will have the right to vote in the country’s political policy. In this way, you will have a share in the management.
Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

If you want to have all the rights as a Turkish citizen, you must complete the process waiting for you. In this way, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the opportunities that Turkey offers you. As PropertyTr, we are ready to serve you most accurately and successfully in this process. Thanks to our detailed information, it is possible to make the process easier for you.

Experience the Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Property

You may have chosen the way of buying property to obtain Turkish citizenship. For Turkish citizenship, you need to buy a property worth at least $250,000. By purchasing this property, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. In addition, there are many advantages that you will get with the property you buy. These advantages are:

  1. There are many property options you can buy in Turkey. You can choose the most suitable one for you, especially among the options such as residence, villa, apartment. You will also decide on the locations of the properties you will buy. It is also possible to increase your welfare level by choosing famous districts in popular cities of Turkey.
  2. You can buy luxury houses in Europe at the most affordable prices in Turkey. In addition, the value of these houses is increasing day by day. Thanks to your properties in summer cities, which are especially preferred by tourists and inspectors, you will be able to make huge profits in the future.
  3. You can have a quality lifestyle in Turkey. In this country, which is home to people from many ethnic origins, your process of getting used to the environment will be quite easy. In this way, you can improve your life by adapting to the environment.
  4. There are job opportunities suitable for everyone in Turkey. It is possible to encounter the job opportunities and new opportunities you want in city life.
  5. If you have moved to Turkey with your family, you will all have special Turkish citizenship rights. The most important of these will be the free education of your children. It is possible to live your life in the best way by taking advantage of health services.

As a Turkish citizen in Turkey, be ready to benefit from many advantages. You can choose to buy property for your own life and investment in the future. As PropertyTr, we are ready to provide you with information about the best locations and real estate in the process of obtaining your Turkish citizenship.

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