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Can’t find a place in hotels in Istanbul

Can’t find a place in hotels in Istanbul

According to the current reservations, there are no places in hotels in Istanbul, Sekip Avdagic said, “We see that this interest continues for June and July,”he said.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President Shekib Avdagic noted that the occupancy rate of hotels in March, which is described as the deadliest season in Istanbul, reached 92 percent, this rate could not be caught even in the pre-epidemic period. Dec May, you will not find a place in hotels in Istanbul, according to the current reservations,“Avdagic said, answering questions from the press at the JEC World Fair, which brings together industrialists producing composite materials in Paris, the data show that 250 thousand tourists will come from Saudi Arabia. Many hotels are already full and the total occupancy rate has reached 98 percent. July June, we also see that this interest continues,”he said. Stating that there is no situation in Turkey that would require such a rapid increase in prices, Avdagic continued: Considering the rapid course of inflation here, unrealistic increases should not be made going forward. At this point, responsibility falls on all parties from the manufacturer to the consumer. Everyone needs to do their part. If we manage the process correctly, we can first bring inflation back to horizontal and then bring it down.

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