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Best Restaurants in Tarabya

Best Restaurants in Tarabya


Best Restaurants in Tarabya

Tarabya, one of Istanbul's most critical locale, is a standout amongst the most occupied zones of peace. Situated in Sarıyer locale, the region is named after Therapia, which implies treatment. The name and the perfect excellence and smoothness. In antiquated occasions, they take patients to Tarabya for mending, and the patients are cheerful about the magnificence and the demeanor of this place. Today is as yet an extraordinary place to meet with trust. Living in Tarabya, situated in the focal point of Sarıyer, is a standout amongst the most excellent places in Istanbul. Also, it has very nice restaurants that you will enjoy to try. There are lots of restaurant in Istanbul. You can find majority and traditional foods of the world. Therefore, if you try to eat this food, you can buy house in Istanbul.

Kıyı Restaurant

Meet the best fish eatery in Tarabya! For over 50 years, our most agreeable discussions, festivities and bitterness are imparted to visitors. 

How about we go to the menu; once cooked here, all fish are appropriate for the season. Therefore, abandon them in their arms. Jombo shrimp barbecued, loner crab, lobster again an absolute necessity attempt here. At that point you can eat the best stuffed mussels arranged with Istanbul's currant, pistachio and onion. International real estate investors like eating Turkish traditional foods.

Subsequent to sustaining the guts; According to Arnavutköy, Bebek and Yeniköy, you should stroll on this shoreline which is somewhat calmer.


Each late spring of the day deserving of R.E.A.D. must go this mid year. Regardless of whether it's a mammoth breakfast or you can not get your eyes for one another with delightful pastas exhibit. Since this place with a perspective of the Tarabya Marina tea or espresso to appreciate an unquestionable requirement do! 

On the off chance that you need to go for flavorful servings of mixed greens, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, it additionally occurs. Give us a chance to advise you that the space has a significant tex-mex menu. Quseadillas or fajitas again miss it up! 

We guarantee that racks secured with books, beautiful exhibit, extensive outline will open your psyche!

Set Fish Restaurant

You can discover numerous flavors from pomegranate parsley to mustard sauce to angle, from eggplant yogurt with pekmez to Chinese cowpea and to ginger bass. There are no exemplary choices, for example, hot peppers, mussels, ocean cocks, shrimp in margarine, pumpkin with yogurt, eggplant serving of mixed greens. 

Suppose you will be disturbed on the off chance that you go to the swarmed put without reservation. Additionally, no credit card is applied in here so you should bring some cash!

Therapia Fish Restaurant

The place resembles its name! The introductions, the view, the flavors, the climate of the place will be useful for your spirit! 

They have an unending fish menu, for example, creepy crawly, octopus, lobster, chickpea, lagos, shield, sardine, mackerel. On the off chance that the fish assortments are such a significant number of you can figure the meze now; zucchini bloom stuffed, shrimp cool cuts, kopoglu, stuffed mussels, eggplant pickles, roost wrap, Cretan margarine, artichoke heart, Aegean herbs, iota, barbun pilaki kab 

Palm dessert, bread, kadayıfı, fig dessert, prepared halva, souffle from 15 sorts of sweet menu. 

You will discover something that is deserving of your mouth from the menu with such a large number of choices.

Anzer Sofrası

An agent of the provincial food in Istanbul, a Black Sea cooking with the trademark of the Black Sea level to bring the kinds of a similar freshness to the table! 

Specifically, you ought to appreciate a long spread town breakfast here. While in transit to taste a Black Sea flavor and menemeni should attempt here! 

Rize broil, anchovy pilaf, Trabzon stew, anchovy dish, pickles cook are another choices you can trust. Karalahana soup, which is basic for the winter months, is a different legend.

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