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Benefit of buying new property in Turkey for sale

Benefit of buying new property in Turkey for sale

While the prospects of searching for new property in Turkey for sale seems exciting, process of searching for actually one may seem daunting. To save time and efforts keep your home work ready. Know the areas you want to get a property, your budget and the type of the property you are aiming at. Your real estate consultant then showcase the right kind of property you want. Meanwhile do not forget to do some fun things, have a read about some of them here.

Types of new property in Turkey for sale

  • An apartment or a house located inside a residential complex.
  • Property under construction. You can make a pre sale agreement with the builder.
  • Independent house for sale.
  • New apartment within residential building.
  • Modern apartment for sale Turkey in housing complexes.

Whether choose modern apartment for sale in Turkey or go for old buildings

Turkey has perfectly blended its old world houses and the modern apartments. As a result of rapid modernization, the real estate in Turkey has acquired a modern face along with its vintage charm. If you are among buyers who want to invest in new property, Turkey offers two choices.

  • Cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Bodrum, and Antalya are on rapid expansion mode. The newly developed parts of the dominated are dominated by new and modern residential and commercial complexes.
  • Central parts of the cities, specially, for cities like Istanbul and Bursa, also provide new property in Turkey for sale.

Why you should negotiate prices of new property for sale

As you enlist the new property in Turkey for sale, do not forget to negotiate for prices. As a real estate investor you must look for buying a new property at least few percent lower than the current market price. This is your tactic to ensure your profit if you need to sell the property before than the planned investment period.

Price trends

The prices of new property for sale are calculated in price per square feet price. This differs largely from one city to other, Istanbul being the most expensive city for purchasing real estate. The price for properties in Bursa and Antalya is less as compared to Istanbul and Bodrum. The prices for new apartment are higher than old apartments.

Advantages of buying a new property in Turkey for sale

The real estate market in Turkey is so diverse that buyers especially from foreign lands often stand confused between the choice of old and the new apartment. Here you get a clear picture of advantages of investing new property in Turkey for sale.

The advantages

  • The new properties have modern design.
  • The offer flexibility in adjusting the designs according to the buyer’s preferences.
  • The maintenance costs are low for new properties.
  • The builders and property owners provide with long term guarantee.
  • Modern urban and landscape planning.
  • The properties are located in new residential complexes.

Yet your choice for new property in Turkey for sale should be determined by your own financial goals. Whether you want to use the property for commercial or residential purpose is one of the vital determinants. In both the instances the neighborhood of the property plays a very important role. One major issue with the new properties in various cities of Turkey is they are often located in secluded localities. With rapid expansions and connectivity even these areas are good choice for real estate investment.

As you scout for properties remember to collect the famous Turkish towels, lamps, carpets, evil eye Talsiman, ceramics etc and try out mouthwatering Turkish delicacies- these being additional perks of buying property in Turkey.

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