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Attributes To Look For In A Second Hand Property In Trabzon

Attributes To Look For In A Second Hand Property In Trabzon

Buying a second hand property in Trabzon can be tricky, especially in a foreign land. In Trabzon, there are so many second-hand properties in good condition but the risk factors still remains in some cases. Worry no more as we are here to give you the complete guideline to safely purchase a pre-owned property. To be honest, Turkey is the best place to search for a second-hand property because of the development of the country. You will be able to find quality places in your budget too.

Here are some of the factors to look out for…


Realtors are a must have aspect of buying second hand property in Trabzon

Any kind of property purchasing in abroad needs to be done with the help of a realtor. Real estate agents will help you profoundly to identify safe purchases as well as smart investments. They can also help you to lower the estimated price in some cases. Because you don’t have the full knowledge of the market here and you’ll be buying a second-hand property, you’ll need to hire an experienced agent.

Verified documents

Having all the verified documents of the second hand property in Trabzon is important. Because it’s a second-hand place, you should evaluate and check the important documents. These are sale deed, NOC (No Objection Certificate), outstanding dues clearance permit, latest tax receipt, possession certificate etc.

If you don’t know, the outstanding dues is one of the vital permit to check. In Turkey you will have to have a clearance permit of a property that is near any kind of military establishment. And if the previous owner doesn’t provide you one, there will be legal hardship in future.

Do thorough inspection of the property

Pre-owned properties needs to be checked properly before you invest in them. Due to the usage, there can easily be internal damages or faults in some of the amenities. So, a throughout check up is mandatory. It is better to leave the work to a professional home inspector. They can check every corner of the property and give you detailed assessment. It will only cost you around $200 and will be worth it.

Here are some the inspection you can do by yourself:

  • The walls can be damned and painted over to hide the flaws
  • Check for the condition of wood. Tap on the surface and if it feels hollow or dead, further the inspection.
  • Check if the water supply system is working.
  • Make sure there is no rust or cracked tiles on the rooftop.
  • Inspect if there are any water stains or leaks on the wall. A layer of new paint can be a tell-tale of some flaws.
  • Watch the cupboards closely for any evident moulds.
  • Ask the owner about the age of the concealed wiring and plumbing of the second hand property in Trabzon.

Bargain for lower the price

Because people don’t want to buy a pre-owned property that often, sellers can comply to a buyers bargains. Hence, don’t forget to make a good offer. You can also use the flaws of the place as a leverage to reduce the price, especially if there is a need of lot of renovation. Even though, the property here are cheap and especially a second-hand property but why lose a chance to get a great offer?

Lower deposit amount

The seller and even the broker can defraud you by demanding a high deposit amount. You should deposit around 5% of the amount or also get the help of a lawyer to handle the whole price. Do not forget to collect the proof of payment after the purchasing process is done.

Dig up the history of the property

Only knowing the seller of the property is not enough, there are other factors you need to check for. You should trace the owner of this pre-owned property of at least 20 years and in maximum three generations, depends on how old the house is. You can also hire a legal professional to prepare a search report of the property. If at any time of the previous ownerships, any fraudulent activities happened, your ownership could also be nullified.

Be sure that the owner have the original deed of the second hand property in Trabzon., which states that the house can be brought or sold without any legal hassles.

Plan a budget beforehand

Pre-owned properties bound to have the need of renovation of some sort. So, planning for all the necessary services along with the property price is vital. The house will need painting, decoration, furnishing and other alterations. So, make sure to be prepared for those to avoid financial problems.

Check out the neighbourhood of the place

Other than being sure about these technical details, you also need to learn about some more detailed information. Such as the surroundings of the property. The neighbourhood especially will be a vital part of your life if you are buying a residential property. Making sure that the area is safe from any crime and under quick police response area will assure you of having a safe life here. Other than that, learning if your area is near social amenities is an added bonus.

Choose a high-demanding area

No matter if it’s a second hand property in Trabzon, if it’s in a high-demanding area you will have no shortage of reselling the property in future. Try to get the property near a tourist location or any location with high market value. These areas rises in value with the demand of real estate market, so once brought, you can hike up the price to you seller and gain profit.

Be sure before reserving

If you have selected a property and gotten a nice offer, you need to make the reservation quickly on order to take the place off from the market  Otherwise, your seller can say yes to a better offer from other buyers. You will need to make a small deposit upon making reservation. The owner will not be liable, legally, to give you the money back if you change your mind. So, be totally sure when selecting the place.

Investing in Turkey, even in a second-hand property can provide many advantages to you. If the property is worth at least $250,000, you can register for a residency permit. But you need to provide a paperwork that holds you to resale the property for at least 3 years. Other than this, you will be obtain a Turkish passport. Plus, the well-known healthcare industry is also here to take care of you and your family’s well-being. This allow you to travel visa-free in 117 countries along with granted border entry. As you can see, the advantages are many whether you want to invest or shift here permanently.

And lets not forget about the weather condition here. You will get to enjoy the light breeze of the Mediterranean climate once you have bought second hand property in Trabzon. There are also all four seasons available here to enjoy. The delight of tasting different cuisine is another bonus. The dishes are vividly influenced by the mix cultural background, which is why you can endure almost every kind of food in Trabzon or Turkey.

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