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7 Activities to do in Kusadasi

7 Activities to do in Kusadasi


7 Activities to do in Kusadasi

Kuşadası, the touristic district of Aydın, located in the Aegean Region, is a stopover for cruise ships from all over the world. After visiting, you will be sure that Kuşadası is one of the places that should be conssidered between holiday homes Turkey. From the historical ruins to the bustling city center and its neighboring districts, Kuşadası is ready to give you whatever holiday you want. We have collected the best 7 activities in Kuşadası.

Trip to Selçuk

The town of Selçuk is only 22 kilometers away from Kuşadası and easily accessible by minibuses. You will see the center of St. John's Basilica, where you can see the first building, baptism pool, church and grave in an hour. Isa Bey Mosque, which is 5 minutes walk from here, is one of the most special examples of Seljuk architecture.
The Temple of Artemis, located outside the center, is one of the seven wonders of the world. Unfortunately, there is very little left of the temple and it is far from its true glory.

The House of the Virgin Mary

One of the places you should see in Selçuk is the House of Virgin Mary, which is a pilgrimage visit to the Catholics. This house, which is run by monks and thought to be the last days of Mother Mary's life, leaves quite impressive impressions even if you are not religious. It is believed that the three empires here bring health, wealth and fertility.

Aqua Fantasy and Adaland

Check two of Turkey's most popular water park in Kusadasi. There is also a chance to take photos with dolphins in these water parks where you can find activities such as pooled waves, splash pad, water tunnels, where the families enjoy with their children.

Ancient Ruins of Ephesus

Ephesus is one of the most frequent places visited by cruise ships. You will understand this when you see the ancient ruins of Ephesus, which are at a level that will match the ruins in Greece and Italy. We recommend you to visit Ephesus, which hosts many places to be seen, such as the Celcius library, terrace houses, the ancient theater and the Temple of Hadrian. In this way, you will go on a journey towards the past. You can even make an investment in Turkey Kuşadası to earn a profit, since it is a touristic place.

Trip to Sirince

In the green hills of Selcuk, there is the lovely village of Sirince, founded by slaves who have been released from Ephesus, and which has a worldwide reputation for their wines. You can taste different homemade fruit wines in Şirince, visit the cobbled streets and taste the local delicacies in Şirince, where you will enjoy the Greek style houses, abandoned church and wonderful views.

Hanging Out at the Beach

Kuşadası beaches come to the fore. One of the best beaches you can go to is the Women's Beach, where tourists and holidaymakers frequently visit and reach the city center in a very short time. Those who wan to enjoy these beaches for a long time rent house in Turkey, Kuşadası.

The name of this place comes from different sources according to two legends.
The other best beaches you can go to are Kustur Beach, Tusan Beach, Long Beach and Sevgi Beach in Davutlar.

Trip to Guzelcamli

You can even see wild boars in the woods, in the national park in Guzelcamlı, which has a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and a very rich plant and animal cover.
Another place we recommend you to see in Güzelçamlı is the Zeus Cave, located near the entrance of Dilek Park and according to the legend, where the Greek god Zeus was hiding from his brother Poseidon. The cool waters are quite refreshing especially in the summer. Let us also mention that you will need a car to visit these places.

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