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10 Best Beach Vacation Spots In Turkey

10 Best Beach Vacation Spots In Turkey


10 Best Beach Vacation Spots In Turkey

After you visit the places we mentioned in this article you will begin to look for a holiday house in Turkey.

In summer indispensable three things are sea, sand and sun which are the choices of everyone. But the quality of a location that was preferred sets the tone of your holiday. Therefore the people who will go to a location for a beach vacation have to make a selection after a good research.  We have researched for the beach vacation locations for you to make a good selection and adjusted 10 best beach vacation spots. Here is the list of these spots.

Antalya, Kaş

The most important reason of selecting Kaş for a vacation holiday is Kaputaş Beach. Feature of this beach is wonderful view with the mixture of white sands and turquois blue sea. When you go to Kaputaş Beach, you will witness that this beach provides a physical and psychological therapy. In addition,  people prefer Kaş and Kaputaş Beach isn’t the only reason for this choice. The second best reason to prefer Kaş is Xanthos Ancient City. In this ancient city you can also see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. In Kaş you can make a visit the spawning area of Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles. It is one of the best place for a beach vacation and In Kaş you and your friends will have both a historical and romantic holiday. If you plan to have a holiday after you rent a house in Antalya Turkey ,Kaş is just for you. If you want to live in Antalya, you can buy property for sale in Antalya.

Balıkesir, Ayvalık

Ayvalık has beautiful bay regions and a very beautiful sea. In Ayvalık in Devil Peak you can see beautiful sunset. Ayvalık is famous with its olive oil dishes. You can enjoy the beautiful Sarımsaklı Beach in Ayvalık. It is one of the cleanest sea in Turkey. You will have a holiday in safety in Ayvalık and you can provide a entertaining holiday for your kids.

Çanakkale, Bozcaada

If you desire to have a holiday in a beautiful island, we recommend Bozcaada for you. Bozcaada sea is cooler than other places and it is a spot like  paradise corner. We recommend you Ayazma Beach to swim. If you desire a holiday like a dream, we recommend you to rent a boat and tour the island. You can go to Bozcaada by a ferryboat

Muğla, Datça

Datça is a spot where many native and foreign tourists prefer, has too much natural and historical beauties. During the day, you can enjoy beautiful sea and at nights in Datça streets you can enjoy historical places. In Palamut Bük you can enjoy brilliant sea and natural beauties with your friends and families. If you prefer Datça for beach vacation, we recommend you to visit historical beauties like Dionysos Temple, Apollon Karneios Temple, Knidos Aphrodite.

Muğla, Marmaris

Pearl of Muğla, Marmaris is full of visitors from Russia and Germany. Marmaris is exactly a sea town of Aegean. If you plan to have a holiday with sea, sand and sun, you can prefer Marmaris without hesitation. We assure you will move away from business stress in Marmaris where green and blue get together. If you plan to buy a holiday house, you can find houses for sale in Turkey Marmaris.

Antalya, Alanya

Alanya is a town where too much foreign visitors travel and have summer holiday. Besides Damlataş Cave you should see Damlataş Beach where green and blue get together. At the same time Alanya is preferred for historical cities by visitors. We recommend you to visit historical places like Dim Cave, Red Tower, Selinus Ancient City and Alanya Castle. Many foreign people prefer to live and have holiday in Alanya. Therefore, it is difficult to find property for sale in Alanya.

İstanbul, Şile

In Istanbul for beach vacation you should discover Şile. With its beautiful coast and sea environment many summer house vacationists stay and have holiday in Şile. Also there are historical artifacts in Şile. In Kum Baba Beach you will get rid of business stress. If you don’t want to go outside of Istanbul, Şile is just for you.

Samsun, Atakum

Atakum is a sea town which people haven’t discovered yet. Generally tourists from close cities visit Atakum and it is very quiet place. If you don’t want to go to the south and you don’t take the chance of a long travel, Atakum may be preferred for an economic summer holiday.

Sinop, Hamsilos

Hamsilos is a town where you can enjoy both sea and nature and the prices are very cheap in this town. When you listen to its rough sea, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off bay’s green. Moving away from city’s crowd, you will experience the life in the happiest city of Turkey.

İzmir, Çeşme-Alaçatı

Even if you see Alaçatı once, we assure you this town will be your first choice for a summer holiday. This town’s summer season lasts for 5 months and that’s why you will enjoy beautiful and clear sea quite a long time. You can join crowded beach club parties and have a good time to repletion in Alaçatı. Also you can taste beautiful and delicious foods from Aegean Cuisine.

We assure you after you see even one of the places we have mentioned in this article, you will begin to search for holiday homes for sale in Turkey.  

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