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Yusuf Boz says sales to foreign buyers increased

Yusuf Boz says sales to foreign buyers increased

Data has been gathered regarding housing sales to foreign buyers in 2017. According to the data collected by Inter Press, there have been 22,234 housing sales. This number indicates that there has been a 22.2% increase in comparison to last year. Istanbul is the leading city with 8,182 housing sales, followed by Antalya, Bursa and Yalova.

Yusuf Boz, the Chief Executive of Officer of PropertyTR made a statement in light of these data. Boz said “As the company, we especially focus on foreign buyers. When we take a look at the Istanbul-based sales within our organization as well as the requests, we see that there has been a significant increase. We expect even a bigger increase in 2018.”

As sales to foreign buyers increased in 2017, the data has also indicated which country’s citizens have shown the most intensive interest. According to the data, Iraq is the leading country, followed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia and Afghanistan. Regarding this issue, Boz said “The citizens of Saudi Arabia have shown deep interest in cities such as Istanbul and Trabzon, which have appealing qualities like the green spaces, the sea, the strait and the mosques. According to the survey, we see that Russia is the only European country in top five. The Russian people’s fascination with the Mediterranean has been known for a very long time. When we take a look at our sales at our Antalya office, we see that Russian clients purchased more houses than domestic clients.” Stating that branded projects have been increasing the value of Antalya recently; Yusuf Boz, the Chief Executive Officer of PropertyTR, emphasized that it will become an even more popular and attractive city in the upcoming period.

It’s been disclosed that there has also been an increase in general sales in 2017. There has been an increase of 5.1% in comparison to last year, reaching 1,409,314. Istanbul is the leading city in sales with 238,383 houses sold, whereas Hakkari is at the bottom of the list with 124 houses.

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