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Why Bursa Is Fast Becoming Heaven For Property Investment In Turkey

Why Bursa Is Fast Becoming Heaven For Property Investment In Turkey

If you are to talk about properties in Bursa, you can talk endlessly. There is so much to explore and so much dynamism that keeps the property rolling throughout the year. Those who are looking for Turkey property in Bursa has embarked on an exciting journey. Bursa is one of the top destinations for foreign property sales. Turkey has the right parameters for being one of the international real estate destinations. The cherry on the cake is affordable prices and a citizenship scheme. Turkish nationality is a prized possession for several foreign nationals. Its popularity is ballooning year after year. Buyers from European and Arab countries have a particular interest in Bursa property.


Bursa- An Introduction

Bursa is one of the most famous cities of Istanbul. Located in the famous Marmara region, it also includes Uludag, which is a renowned skiing center. Even before Bursa earned international renown, it has always been a loved weekend destination for people staying in Istanbul. If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Bursa can be one of the best alternatives. Turkish property is sure to earn you great returns. You can use it for a holiday home as well. Bursa is indeed a fabulous holiday destination. It greets you with the best Turkish holiday; no wonder it has gained international prominence as a holiday destination for the rich and the famous. It is an alternative to property Istanbul.

Bursa has a central claim to fame as being one of the important historical sites. It was once the ruling center of the old Ottoman empire. People are intrigued by the historical remains of the bygone era. In totality, Bursa is replete with tourism attraction and has truly evolved as one of the property hotspots for foreign investors. The apartments for sale in Bursa are rightfully hailed as lucrative property options. Let’s look at some of the reasons to buy property in Istanbul. 

The Inviting Green Space Of Bursa

Bursa is one of Turkey's few cities, which has successfully preserved its greenery and adopted modernization. If you are planning to buy an apartment in Turkey, Bursa is a unique choice. It is so close to Istanbul and yet presents an entirely different world. The fabulous urban planning of Bursa is one of the reasons that make it a property hotspot. The city impresses with its numerous parks, cultural centers, and gardens.

The beautiful countryside is an additional advantage. As you step beyond the city boundaries, you can explore the locations like Uludag national park, Suutcu national park, and several green villages. It is green and pristine. A Turkish property in this part of the country is sure to be a refreshing choice. So, if you want to have an abode far from the concrete jungles, Bursa is an apt choice.

All Year -Round Tourism

Tourism is one of the main reasons Apartments for sale in Istanbul has gained tremendous popularity. The same stands true for Bursa. It boasts of year-round tourism. It is the perfect setting, and the climatic conditions make it an ideal holiday destination. Unlike other destinations like the Mediterranean and the Aegean, where tourism is for a few months of the year, Bursa is good for tourism all-round the year. Tourism trends also influence real estate Turkey. Istanbul's property is greatly befitted with the interest of the foreign tourist in its diverse tourist attractions. All major cities and extended parts of the country are bejeweled with several unique tourist attractions. The property Bursa is highly influenced by tourism in the town. Some exciting tourist attractions in Bursa are as follows.

  • The Grand Mosque of Bursa.
  • The Green Mosque of Bursa.
  • The Grand Tomb Of Bursa.
  • Koza Han.
  • Bursa Uludag.
  • Uludag National Park.

The City Coastline-One Of The Best Property Attractions

Bursa is not only confined to the boundary of the city. The main city center has all the amenities. The exciting thing is that Bursa also has some hidden gems like the Nilufer and Mudanya. They are increasingly gaining prominence among real estate Turkey. It contrasts with the buzzing city life; the areas present a quaint life. The property market on the coastline is growing day by day. You find the best villas and luxury setting in this part of the city. Though it is far from the city center yet, it presents a slice of life a decent selection of lifelike shops, bars, and restaurants. It is an exciting addition to Turkey property.

Affordable Prices For Buyers

The most significant advantage of getting a property in Bursa is that the prices are still very affordable. Even though it is close to Turkey's biggest city, Istanbul, even the luxury properties are quite reasonable in Bursa. It is indeed great news if you still get apartments starting from $45,000. It is far less than flats for sale in Istanbul. After calculating the European nations' currency exchange rate and the Turkish Lira, the property prices are negligible. If you buy an apartment in Istanbul, you can further get it cheaper at Bursa. Foreigners get an excellent opportunity to apply for Turkish nationality.

The Wonderful Blend Of Old And New 

Bursa is one of the oldest towns in Turkey. There are several old buildings in Bursa.  If you are looking for Turkish property with both the elements of newness and imprints of heritage value, Bursa offers you the best. The city has beautifully preserved its heritage and marched towards development. Bursa is a trendy real estate destination for middle eastern and European buyers mainly because of cultural similarities.

Lastly, Bursa is a good investment in the property market of Turkey. The Turkish property market is still evolving. Though the Arabs are the central section of buyers for Bursa properties, it is slowly gaining prominence among the European buyers. The increased infrastructure facilities and links to cities like Istanbul have been prominently in the Turkish property market. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Turkey, definitely look into Bursa's opportunities. When you buy an apartment in Turkey, you get high returns on investment and rental profits.

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