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Where to buy summer resort at Muğla?

Where to buy summer resort at Muğla?


Where to buy summer resort at Muğla?

Muğla is one of the most popular tourism centers in Turkey and day by day its popularity is growing.  Not only the foreign tourists but also the domestic tourists are looking forward to have a summer resort at Muğla after their only first visit to Akyaka, Marmaris, Köyceğiz, Bodrum, Fethiye or Datça. İn this article we want to inform you about places where you may find properties to buy in Muğla. If you come to Turkey for holiday every year, you can catch investment opportunities in Turkey.

Bodrum: Fun and history engages…

Bodrum is the most popular and also the most expensive touristic district of Muğla. Bodrum’s estimated population in summer is nearly two million (2 000 000). You may have a fantastic entertainment at the Bars District at night and you may improve your history and culture while seeing the Castle of Bodrum, Mouselium, the Museum of Underwater Archeology, Bodrum Ancient Theatre and Myndos Gate. There are lots of different cruise routes daily or weekly.

 When you consider the normal population of one hundred sixty four thousand (164 000) you clearly understand the popularity of Bodrum. So villas to buy in Bodrum Turkey are usually for high prices. For example if you want a resort from Türkbükü where the Turkish celebrities and high society usually spends summer, you must willing to pay a sum between six hundred thousand (600 000) Turkish Liras and three million (3 000 000)Turkish Liras and this may increase according to condition of the property. This makes a sum between 90000 Euros and 400.000 Euros. Gümüşlük and Gündoğan are two other places where you may find cheaper villas. Did you foreigners to buy house in Turkey? Sure, especially, they buy apartments such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Yalova, Muğla, Antalya.

Marmaris, namely the Pearl…

Marmaris is another touristic district of Muğla. Marmaris has a large marina which you can enjoy cruises to different coves or scuba diving. The Marmaris Natural Park is awaiting for a long walk with oxygen. Marmaris has also a Bars Street, like Bodrum but a little bit smaller than the latter, which you can dance until morning. Cleopatra Island has one of the unique beaches with a different kind of sand. According to the historians this sand have been brougt from Egytp by order of Queen Cleopatra.  

You may find lots of villas for sale with private pool at Marmaris. Prices change to the conditions. At the center the price is between 500 000 and 2 000 000 Turkish Liras.

If you want a calm holiday you shall prefer İçmeler. İçmeler is a smaller district next to Marmaris. It is not crowded and noisy like Marmaris and because of that having İçmeler is a better choice if one wants to rest.

Akyaka: Center of kite board

Akyaka is a small district at Gökova Bay. If one is interested in kiteboarding Akyaka is the new center of this sport is Turkey. Also you may have short boat trip in Kadın Azmağı Creek which has a really cold water totally coming from mountains.

Akyaka is also another place which has farms for sale in Turkey with different purposes. You may plant and farm like olive, pear, peach, orange, mandarine etc. The price for a farm with 400 squaremetres land is between 4000000 and 5000000 Turkish Liras.

Fethiye: Dead Sea, Kaya Village, Hidden Valley

Fethiye is a district of Muğla but it has a bigger population. Dead Sea is one of the attraction points in Fethiye especially for domestic tourists. If you are a history hunter Kaya Village which was established in A.D 3000 and the oldest settlement across Muğla, is the best shot. Hidden Valley is another option for tourists. You may either reach there by your vehicle and in the other hand there are lots of safari tours including a visit to Hidden Valley.

Turkish estate agents may offer you different properties in Fethiye.

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