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What is “Tapu” and “Tapu Sicili”?

What is “Tapu” and “Tapu Sicili”?

As soon as you start investing in real estate, you come across some words that you may have heard before but are not very familiar with. Words like “Tapu” and “Tapu Sicili” start to seem daunting in your mind, and you think of the official and serious structure of government offices.

However, as you delve into the matter, you realize that you didn’t need to be so intimidated in the first place. As you get deeper into the subject, you become more familiar with these terms. So first of all, let’s take a look at what the two important concepts of “Tapu” and “Tapu Sicili” mean.

“Tapu” is the name given to the document that shows ownership of a real estate property. For example, information on who owns the usage rights of a land plot is recorded in the “Tapu” document.

“Tapu Sicili,” on the other hand, is a collection of various registers and documents that show the location information, surface area, and owner of a real estate property or related rights. This document, which proves ownership, is under the protection of the state. In legal processes, ownership claims on a real estate property are proven through the “Tapu Sicili” document. This proof is registered in the land registry records by the state, within the scope of the Civil Code.

What Information Is Included in the Tapu Sicili? Private Land Plots Land Parcels Office Buildings Residences Shops And Other Real Estate Properties These are the properties registered in the “Tapu Sicili.” The “Tapu” office records who owns these properties, their surface areas, and their locations. Thus, this information enters the state’s memory and begins to be protected against possible situations. All documents in which this information is recorded are called the “Tapu Sicili.”

It is the responsibility of the state to maintain the “Tapu Sicili” correctly and securely. Each district has a land registry area within its administrative borders. Real estate properties are recorded in the land registry of the region in which they are located. Recordings for each property are made on separate pages.

What Kind of Procedures Are Carried Out in Tapu Sicili?

The procedures carried out in Tapu Sicili can be divided into two categories.

Contracted Procedures

Contracted procedures are the procedures where the registration of the rights of multiple parties on the real estate property takes place. Some of the contracted procedures are:

  • Addition of Independent Section
  • Expropriation
  • Condominium Ownership
  • Timeshare Right
  • Superstructure (construction) Right.

In contracted procedures, situations that will be realized with the consent of other stakeholders on the real estate property are approved by the state and recorded in the Tapu Sicili.

Non-Contracted Procedures

In non-contracted procedures, the statement of a single person is essential.

Some of the non-contracted procedures are:

  • Family Home Encumbrance
  • Encumbrance of the Right to Stay in Family Home
  • Request for Separation (Division)
  • Request for Unity (Integration)
  • Transfer of Mortgage Receivable.

How to Check Tapu Sicili?

One of the most important procedures in the real estate sector is to inquire about the Tapu. Nowadays, the integration of technology into our lives and the possibility of accessing a lot of information from the internet has also made our work easier in this regard. There are 2 ways to access the Tapu Sicili:

Tapu Sicili Inquiry Online

The inquiry process for Tapu and Tapu Sicili can be easily done through E-Government. Moreover, this information can be accessed by everyone. Accessing this information through E-Government has become very valuable in terms of time-saving and has accelerated the process of real estate transactions to a great extent. Those who want to make an inquiry about the Tapu through E-Government can enter the system easily with their identity numbers and passwords through the relevant link.

TKGM Parcel Inquiry application will also allow you to complete your real estate transactions quickly. You can access the Tapu registry by entering address information, parcel and plot numbers. You can also learn about the location of the property and land, as well as building permits and zoning information more easily through this application and make faster and more reliable investment decisions.

Tapu and Cadastre Directorate Inquiry

Although our lives have become easier with the widespread use of the internet, some of us still feel hesitant about the digital world. Some people find it more reliable to obtain information from officials and obtain documents in written form by going to government offices. The oldest way to access Tapu Sicili information is, of course, through the provincial directorates of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. By submitting a petition to the Tapu and Cadastre License Branch Directorates within the directorate, you can easily access the Tapu Sicili documents.

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