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Turkish Passport Number Examples: How To Use?

Turkish Passport Number Examples: How To Use?

The passport required to travel abroad is defined as an official document used for entering and exiting foreign countries. Turkish citizens can use 4 different passport types according to their professional status and status. Accessible to the Ordinary (burgundy), Private (green), service (gray) and diplomatic (black) passport, passport between varieties used in Turkey. Visa-free entry to many countries is possible with the Turkish passport, which is in the middle rank among the passports accepted in the world.

If you go abroad, you have to issue a passport. Passport is not required for TRNC, Georgia and Ukraine, which can also be visited by ID.

New type chip passports are laser printed on polycarbonate and the chip is in it. The new generation of e-Passports last longer than the existing passports and is more secure against forgery. This page has photos in the passport of Turkey's historical landmarks.

Public Passport (Bordeaux Passport):

 A Public Passport is a type of passport that can be received by Turkish and TRNC citizens. Popularly known as Bordeaux passport. Passport provincial and district directorates of population in the country, is given by the Republic of Turkey Consulate abroad. Public-time passports are issued for a minimum of 6 months, a maximum of 5 years for those under 18 and a maximum of 10 years for those older than 18 years. In the new e-Passports, the total number of pages is 38 and the number of visa pages is 35.

Passport applications can be made from the population directorates. 2 pieces of biometric photos, if you have old passport, fingerprint and signature passport for extraction. Other documents are automatically withdrawn from the system of the relevant institutions. Burgundy passport holders with standard features can enter many foreign countries by visa.

Private Passport (Green Passport):

 Private Passport, Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) members, former ministers, with first, second and third degree is given to government officials. In addition, the mayors of the province and district may hold green passports for children up to 25 years of age, who have the right to carry private passports to their mayors. Some countries can travel without a visa with a green passport. The total number of pages in the second generation Private and Service Stamped e-Passports is 30 and the number of visa pages is 27 in each. An approved application form, biometric photo, identity card or T.C. ID card required. It can only be obtained from the provincial population directorates.

Service Passport (Gray Passport): 

Service Passport is given to those who are sent abroad by official duty on behalf of state institutions, journalists carrying yellow press cards, and academicians assigned for the symposium, scientific and cultural activities during their term of office. Also known as the gray passport. People with a service passport can travel to some countries without a visa. The service passport has 30 pages, 27 of which are visa pages. The approved request forum for the service passport, biometric photo, identity card and T.C. ID card required. It can only be obtained from the provincial population directorates.


Diplomatic Passport (Black Passport):

Diplomatic Passport, Turkish diplomats serving in embassies and consulates, to members of Parliament, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of Auditors members, former presidents, governors, metropolitan given to the mayors and senior government staff. Also known as a black passport. A diplomatic passport is possible to travel to many countries of the world without a visa.

There are no fees or fees for diplomatic passports. For service and private passports, only the book value is taken, and for public passports, the passport fee is charged according to the period.

In addition, there are also red temporary passports and foreign passports.

Passport is one of the documents required to travel abroad. From time to time, passport transactions can be prolonged due to the intensity and shortage of books. Depending on the type of passport to be applied, it may be necessary to obtain extra documents from the institutions worked. Therefore, it is useful to start the passport process at least one month before the date of travel.

Passport numbers consist of 9 characters in old type passports and 7 characters in new chip passports. The passport number is located on your passport. If you have a chipped passport, the Turkish passport number example will be “U123456 number. When questioning via internet, you need to write your passport number by marking whether it is a chipped passport or not. If you mark it incorrectly, it will not accept your number.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship:

Article 11 of the Citizenship Act No. 5901 warning by continuous as foreigners residing in Turkey for 5 years can earn the public road the case of occurrence of the following conditions are met Turkish citizenship. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is taken in two ways: by birth and subsequently by the decision of the competent administration. Subsequently, according to the general provisions, foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship must meet the following conditions:

1. The foreigner is of legal age under the national law and T.C. Under the Civil Code, he must be of legal age;

2. Citizenship back for at least 5 years from the application must have resided in Turkey;

3. The request should state the foreigner to settle in Turkey. For example, to acquire real estate in Turkey, T. C. to marry with a citizen, mother, father and children of Turkish citizens; While the three major cities of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara are suitable places for life, business, and entertainment, the Aegean and Mediterranean regions contain important regions with summer tourism and the Black Sea region environment.

4. Should not have a disease that poses a threat to public health;

5. There should not be people who behave in accordance with public morals;

6. To be able to speak Turkish in order to take part in Turkish society;

7. Profession can provide the livelihood of the people and that he is obliged to look at Turkey and must have income;

8. There should be no threat to national security and public order.

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