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Turkish Citizenship by Making Investment in Turkey: Best Process Guide Ever!

Turkish Citizenship by Making Investment in Turkey: Best Process Guide Ever!

The number of foreigners who want to have Turkish citizenship in Turkey is increasing day by day. In particular, people who want to take advantage of the opportunities in the country resort to various ways. If you are a foreigner in this process, you will need to familiarize yourself with the methods you can choose. You should have enough knowledge to understand how to choose these methods and how they work. Thus, you will start the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by choosing the most suitable one for you. You should review the rest of the article to discover all the information, processes, and documents waiting for you in this process. Thanks to the detailed information in the article, you will be ready to perform your transactions as quickly as possible. To have the best experience for yourself, start reading about the stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


What Should Those Who Want to Have Turkish Citizenship in Turkey Do?

There are some steps that people who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey have to do. It is very important to have detailed information because of the varying stages in each different method. In this way, the easiness and difficulties of each method are determined. The person will start the process by choosing the method he deems appropriate for him. If you are going to move to Turkey as a foreigner and you want to obtain citizenship, you should explore the methods waiting for you. That’s why all the methods are listed below. By examining these methods, choose the one that will appeal to your lifestyle and start the necessary actions.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

You must buy property in Turkey for citizenship: One of the methods preferred by most people seeking Turkish citizenship is to buy property in Turkey. There are many people who both invest in their future and acquire citizenship through the purchase of the property. If you are going to obtain citizenship by coming to Turkey from abroad, the most important thing to do is to buy a property with a minimum value of 250,000 dollars. When you buy properties below this value, you will not be able to apply. There are some requirements to own this property and to apply for Turkish citizenship. These requirements are listed below:

  • Obtaining a Tax Registration Number

One of the priorities of people who want to own property in Turkey will be to get a tax registration number. Obtaining a tax registration number does not require a long process. The tax registration number you will receive in a short time is available at the Tax Offices. The process of people who want to get their tax registration number from the tax offices takes around 30 minutes. In this case, citizens coming from abroad should have their passports with them. With this passport, they will be able to apply. Afterward, you can finalize the process by obtaining your tax registration number as soon as the application is submitted.

  • Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

If you want to acquire citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, one of the most important aspects of purchasing a property will be to open a bank account. Do not forget that you can make your purchases thanks to your bank account. Therefore, when you come to Turkey, you should agree with any bank. It is also very important to complete the necessary documents in this process. If the required documents are completed and the correct information is provided to the bank, you can access your bank account as soon as possible. Details of these documents are given below:

  • There is a passport that you have to give to the officer while you are at the Bank. You must have your passport with you when you come from abroad. You should also have the translation of this passport with you. Thus, you can present it to bank institutions. Do not forget that the translation of the passport you will present must be notarized. Otherwise, the transactions will not be applied to you.

You will need to get an evaluation report. It is necessary to obtain an evaluation report before the property purchase is made during the Turkish citizenship application process, which you will prefer through the property purchase. That’s why you should negotiate with a company before you buy your property. The cost of the evaluation report that this company will present to you varies between 1750 and 5000 TL. After you agree with the company that suits you, your company will start the process for you. Remember that costs vary depending on your company. The specialist to be provided to you must also be licensed. That’s why you should check your expert’s license and examine whether it has CMB and BRSA approvals.

  • Property Purchase Process

To purchase a property, you will need to complete the required steps presented to you above. In this way, you will have the possibility to buy property in Turkey. It is very important for you that the above steps are correct and complete. As the last step, the property you will buy must be at least $250,000 in the property purchase process. In this way, you can apply for citizenship with the property you will buy. When making this property investment, do not forget how important location and services are. In this way, you will make the best investment in your future with the location. You should not forget that the location and architectural design will make you profit in the future.

  • Residence Permit Application

After purchasing your property from the location you have chosen in Turkey, you may want to live in your property. In this case, you will also need to apply for a residence permit after purchasing your property. In this way, you will have the chance to live in the property you have purchased. Some documents are required to live on this property. You can apply by obtaining these documents. There may also be some costs incurred when making your application. These costs usually vary according to the nationality and country of the person. There are many articles on the site for those who want to have detailed information about the residence permit. You can get detailed information by examining them.

  • Providing Application for Turkish Citizenship

All necessary steps must be completed to apply for Turkish citizenship. Many people in the country do not provide accurate information while taking the necessary steps. Therefore, unpleasant situations may arise. You must submit your correct and precise information to the authorities. In this way, you will be ready to obtain Turkish citizenship. After submitting your application, a certain waiting period awaits you. This process takes about 3 to 6 months. During this time, you will be able to learn the results.

You have read the details of the method to obtain Turkish citizenship with all the information presented to you. By following these details, you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship in the best way for yourself. That’s why you can start getting help from our site. As PropertyTr, we aim to provide you with the best service. If you work with a reliable company at this time, you will notice how easily the stages you want to progress. That’s why you should focus on getting through this process in the best way, along with reliability and discipline.

Get Ready to Try Various Ways to Become a Turkish Citizen

There are various methods for those who want to become Turkish citizens. The only thing you need to do to choose the one that appeals to you among these methods is to have detailed information. If you have detailed information about each method, it will be easier to choose the one that is suitable for you. To have this information for you, carefully examine all the methods that will appear below. In this way, be ready to obtain Turkish citizenship with the most suitable method for you. Below are several methods that can appeal to everyone.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

The number of people who obtained Turkish citizenship through marriage is increasing day by day. It is the method used by people who do not want to obtain Turkish citizenship in a costly manner. In this method, you will need to marry a Turkish citizen you love and want to marry. This marriage must be true and realistic. Directorates are working to prove this situation. Therefore, you can enter the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by applying to these directorates and presenting your evidence. Remember that security writers are judging you. Never stop caring about accuracy. You will also need to follow some rules to become a Turkish citizen after you get married. The most important of these rules is that you should live together as a couple. In addition, you must not behave in a way that poses a threat to the public and national security. Thus, after 3 years, you will be able to apply for a Turkish citizen thanks to your marriage. It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship after this application. If a situation such as a divorce arises after obtaining Turkish citizenship, your Turkish citizenship will remain yours. Finally, if the children have a Turkish mother or father, these children are considered Turkish citizens directly. If you are not Turkish as your child’s parents, it is necessary to be adopted by Turkish citizens for this child to be Turkish.

  • Having Turkish Citizenship by Settlement

If you want to become a Turkish citizen and have been living in Turkey for a long time, you will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. This method is especially valid for those who have been living in Turkey for the last 5 years and have not left Turkey in the last 6 months. If you meet these requirements, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. The most important thing in this process is to get a residence permit. Many difficult stages await you to obtain a residence permit. For citizens coming from abroad, short-term leave is a maximum of 2 years. Therefore, you need to obtain a permanent residence permit. To extend your residence permit, you will have to go through some stages. In particular, you will have to take the Turkish exam in the residence permit you will receive for Turkish citizenship. An authorized officer will speak to you in Turkish. Thus, thanks to your Turkish, you can get a residence permit. If the local official sees that you do not speak Turkish enough, your application will be rejected and you will not be able to obtain a residence permit. In this case, your Turkish citizenship application status is also at risk.

  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship as a Property Owner

As a property owner, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can apply for Turkish citizenship with the property you will own in any city in Turkey. In addition, if you have a property in any city and you have owned this property for 5 years, you can apply for citizenship. But in this case, you will be presented with some conditions. The most important of the conditions is that you live in Turkey for six months every year. In this way, you can apply for Turkish citizenship with your property.

  • Buying a $250,000 Property

If you buy a property for at least $250,000 from any city in Turkey, it is possible to obtain citizenship with this property. All your family members will have the citizenship that this property will grant you. If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship with your family, you can choose this method. Thanks to this cheaper method, it will be very easy to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can examine our site in detail to take a look at the property options suitable for you. You can make your purchase together with the property opportunities that will appeal to you.

  • Obtaining Citizenship by Investment

If you want to acquire citizenship through investment in Turkey, you can try various investment methods. In this way, you will discover different investment ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. By investing in Turkey, you can make the best decisions for your future. Thanks to the investment you will make in Turkey, you will be able to make millions of dollars in profit in the future. To obtain Turkish citizenship, you can choose the investment method by following the laws. These investment paths are listed below.

  1. Your first method of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is to invest your $500,000 capital. Another way of investment is to employ 50 people. The transaction in the first method will be by depositing the $ 500,000 investment in any Turkish bank. You will need to keep this money in a Turkish bank for 3 years. In this way, you will prefer methods where you can make big profits in the future. In addition, thanks to this investment, you will also apply for Turkish citizenship. You can obtain Turkish citizenship, which will be offered to you, most easily.
  2. If you want to become a Turkish citizen by choosing the investment path in Turkey, you can choose property purchase and investment types. In this way, you will take the right steps for your future. You will prefer the best methods for you to achieve successful business by making a lot of profit in the future and to obtain Turkish citizenship.

You can also have Turkish citizenship with the different methods you read above. Whichever of the various methods is suitable for you, you can examine the details of that method. In this way, you will start working on obtaining Turkish citizenship with the best method for yourself. It will be very easy for you to have the citizenship you want by completing all the stages.

Get to Know the Opportunities You Will Get With Turkish Citizenship

You have seen that there are various methods for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Thanks to these methods, you can start living in Turkey by obtaining Turkish citizenship. Do not forget that there are opportunities that you will get in this way. Since Turkey is a country with high living standards, it tries to provide the best opportunities to all its people. Therefore, as a Turkish citizen in Turkey, you will have the right to benefit from most opportunities. We are here as PropertyTr for you to get detailed information on this subject and to read the opportunities. With the service we will provide you, we will enable you to achieve the life you want.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

  • If you are a citizen of another country after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can continue your life as a dual citizen. Since you are a Turkish citizen, you will not need to leave the country of your citizenship. In this way, you will be able to live your life between both countries.
  • If you have chosen to buy property for Turkish citizenship in Turkey, you will come across many advantages. Especially when buying property in Turkey, you can buy luxury houses that you cannot buy in Europe. The properties you will acquire in Turkey can be villas or residences. In this way, you can continue to live your life in the most luxurious conditions. With the interior decoration service that will be provided to you, it will be possible for you to create the house of your dreams.
  • Purchasing a property will also make a logical investment for your future. It is also possible to sell this property in the future after you apply for Turkish citizenship. Turkey always attracts the attention of tourists and inspectors. For this reason, it will be possible to sell the property you have purchased in this place, which is one of the favorite countries, at much higher prices.
  • You can start living in Turkey with Turkish citizenship. People in this country come to the fore with their hospitality. You can adapt to the environment by staying with many people. You will encounter many districts with a high rate of foreigners, especially in the cities of Bursa and Istanbul. If you prefer to live in these districts, you will also have the opportunity to meet people from your own country. In this way, your process of adapting to the environment will progress faster.
  • Turkey offers you high-level services as living conditions. Especially many services such as hospital, education, transportation are waiting for you. You can receive treatment for free by using advanced technology in the field of health. Treatments that you will not find in many countries are available in Turkey. In this way, it serves with an advanced health field study.
  • If you have moved to the country with your family, the education of your children will be an important factor. During this period, the state will allow you to educate your children for free. Thanks to the free education provided by the state, every child is tried to be educated. In this way, an educated future is aimed. Thanks to Turkish citizenship in Turkey, you will encounter many new developments in the field of transportation. You can easily reach anywhere you want with services such as metro, bus, and train. In addition, you can make your life easier with the transportation routes to be found near your home.
  • Do not forget that thanks to Turkish citizenship, you will enter many countries without a visa. It will be possible for you to return to the countries you want and to your own country by going back and forth.

As PropertyTr, we are with you during the Turkish citizenship process. You may need detailed information to try all these methods you have researched to obtain your citizenship. In this case, you can reach us through the communication ways on our site. In this way, we will be ready to answer your questions and assist you with the detailed information process. You can choose Turkish citizenship, which will improve your life in the best way.

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