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Tourist Attractions in Trabzon

Tourist Attractions in Trabzon

Trabzon is the twenty-ninth most populous city in Turkey. It is located in the Eastern Black Sea region and has a coast to the Black Sea.

According to the January 2018 figures announced by TurkStat, Trabzon is the fifth city that foreigners prefer to buy real estate in Turkey.


Current Situation of Trabzon Real Estate Sector

The Trabzon real estate is growing every day. The Eastern Black Sea Region has attracted the attention of Arab tourists in recent years. Arab tourists visiting the region also want to own and invest in housing.

Yomra district has taken the biggest share in the sale of housing and real estate in recent years in the Trabzon, which is one of the first choices of tourists from Gulf countries.

Reasons to Buy a Property in Trabzon

Trabzon stands out with its mild climate, rich vegetation, historical and natural beauties, plateaus and local dishes. The development of tourism enabled foreigners to increase their real estate investments in the city.

The appreciation of housing, hotels, and land is increasing in Trabzon. Especially the interest of Arab tourists to Trabzon in recent years has increased the occupancy rate in hotels. Those who come for touristic purposes buy a property in Trabzon after seeing the city. The interest of Arab investors in real estate investment has caused housing prices to rise.

Attractions in Trabzon

Trabzon, which is one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea with its plateaus and historical structure, is rich in places to visit, historical places and natural beauties:

  • Sumela Monastery: Sumela Monastery, which is located in Macka district of Trabzon, is one of the world-famous buildings. Its history dates back to the 4th century and contains enormous historical monuments.
  • Trabzon Uzungol: Uzungol, which is a very good example of the natural beauties of Trabzon, impresses with its panoramic view with nature. In recent years, Uzungol has made a tourism boom especially with its visitors from the Middle East.
  • St. Eugenius Church: Built by Eugenius, one of the most important personalities of the region in the 13th century, the structure has remained intact until today.
  • Vazelon Monastery: Vazelon Monastery, which is the first monastery in history and is known to have a history beyond Sümela Monastery, is among the historical points of Trabzon.
  • Lapazan Plateau: Placed within the borders of the town of Macka in Trabzon, with an altitude of 2,200 meters, it is a tremendous nature stop where you can touch the clouds.
  • Trabzon Ataturk Mansion: This historical and beautiful architecture is located on the hills of Trabzon. The founding leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk stayed here. This adds a different value to the mansion.
  • Cal Cave: The cave located in the town of Calkoy in Trabzon has the distinction of being the second-longest cave in the world. There is a small river and bridge flowing through the cave.

Houses for Sale in Trabzon, Turkey

Especially in April, the real estate sector in Trabzon starts to revive. The main reason for this revival is the foreign investors who came during these periods. However, in winter, property prices are more favorable. It is important to do good research beforehand for houses for sale in Trabzon Turkey.

Is it Possible to Have Citizenship By Buying a Real Estate From Trabzon?

You can buy property from the Trabzon and can have citizenship. But first, there are various application documents in the purchase of the real estate.  

If you buy at least 250,000 US dollars worth of real estate in Turkey, you can afford a citizen. The value of the property invested is determined and approved by the property evaluation experts.  There should be no restrictions such as mortgages, foreclosures and precautionary measures for that property.

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