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The Metaverse in Real Estate Investment

The Metaverse in Real Estate Investment

The Metaverse, which has been at the center of the world’s agenda for some time, is deeply affecting many sectors. Metaverse, a new virtual universe that is well known to those who closely follow technological developments, is announcing its name to everyone day by day. The Metaverse, which has already influenced sectors such as retail, tourism, banking, textile, is also paving the way for significant changes in the real estate sector.


Metaverse in Real Estate

The topic of the Metaverse and real estate is becoming more and more interesting every day and is often discussed at the summits held in connection with this. As a result of the augmented reality and virtual reality concepts that have become known as a result of the change and development of the world in recent years, the metaverse has also emerged as a new investment tool. Physical coins, precious metals such as gold, silver and many other investment vehicles that are attracting attention are being replaced by different vehicles. Real estate investment, which has often been preferred by everyone over the years, is also on its way to consolidating its place in the Metaverse universe.

The real estate sector is one of the sectors that is growing and constantly renewing itself as the population of the world and, accordingly, the countries increases. Projects that keep up with the renewed world, such as multi-storey buildings, collective living spaces, find a place in the Metaverse world. As experts evaluating the future of the real estate sector constantly mention, such virtual investments make investors smile.

Real Estate in Esenyurt

Investors who want to invest in the Metaverse world have many questions about the innovation of the sector. Questions such as the potential of virtual plots and houses to create value, according to which properties real estate will move up in value, how rental income will be generated, dec dec the current values of land and houses will be determined according to what stand out. Another question that is extremely curious is which of the Metaverse environments that have more than one and are still developing should be invested in.

Specialists of the subject organize many trainings, seminars, meetings to provide information about the Metaverse, which is a new concept for the world, and to explain the relationship of these real estate with the world of the metaverse. Through this summit, the issues that need to be considered before investing in virtual land, is shared with people who are interested in the subject.

Yusuf Boz, General Manager of PropertyTR, one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, said in his statement: “The fact that real estate investment, which is a classic investment tool and has been used for many years, has moved to the world of the metaverse is actually not a surprise development. The real estate sector, which is keeping up with the times and is constantly being renewed within the changing world order, offers special opportunities to its investors. Like any new area, real estate on the Metaverse needs to be fully understood with a thorough research in advance. Although it has been popular in recent months, it is also extremely important to keep track of transactions on the Metaverse world that has actually been around for some time,”he says, noting that there may not be any new developments that can be experienced in the real estate sector with the Metaverse.

Metaverse in Real Estate Industry

As a result of comparisons and follow-ups, it is possible to form a price scale in the minds of investors. The previous and subsequent prices of different real estate give investors a lot of ideas about profitability. Thanks to the information easily obtained from the information channels, both individual Metaverse investors and companies decide what kind of position they should take. Companies often prefer to make larger investments by turning to real estate in interconnected locations. Individual investors, on the other hand, are trying to take firm steps with small real estate investments to get to know and experience this new world more. In addition to the individual investor, construction companies are also extremely interested in this issue. These companies need to work hard on discussing and regulating different marketing and sales strategies.
It is also extremely curious how the purchase and sale of real estate through the Metaverse will affect the sale of physical real estate in the future. Experts believe that the virtual world, which is growing and increasing its awareness every day, will have a positive impact on the real estate market. Many investors are moving in such a way that they dominate both of these markets in order to find new opportunities. Various places taken through the Metaverse are also used as a meeting point for followers of this virtual world. The Metaverse world, where new areas such as NFT are exhibited, continues its way by combining multiple concepts and growing.
Yusuf Boz, chairman of the board of directors of PropertyTR, one of the leading organizations of the real estate sector and known for his successful work, stands out for his successful forecasts and comments on the sector. Boz, who has studies on real estate valuation, emphasizes that the real estate market is on the rise with the statements that “the real estate sector, which has been progressing at the latest pace in Turkey and the world and is increasing its attractiveness more and more every day, continues to grow despite different negative situations”.

Yusuf Boz, who also evaluates the topic of the Metaverse and Real Estate, which is very curious, points out that people continue to invest in real estate despite various economic problems. Boz said, “We expect that the interest in virtual worlds such as the Metaverse will grow more and more alongside the purchase and sale of physical real estate. One of the most valuable investments for the coming years is considered to be real estate,”he says, noting the mobility that is expected to occur.
The statements of Yusuf Boz, who continues his activities as a real estate investment specialist within Reva Investment, are confirmed by the real estate sales records broken in recent years. The real estate office PropertyTR, which helps investors and consumers with real estate, agrees with other experts that interest in virtual worlds such as the Metaverse will also grow day by day. Underlining the importance of establishing a fundamental connection with the sector and the positive effects of having a large portfolio on investment, Yusuf Boz is also confident that virtual worlds will attract investors’ attention by increasing their awareness.
The real estate boom on the Metaverse and the requirements of the new world are leading everyone towards specialists in the subject. Especially the hot developments that excite those who want to invest in a new and developing area are becoming more active every day.



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