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The 10 Best Cheap Places To Go For A Holiday In Turkey

The 10 Best Cheap Places To Go For A Holiday In Turkey


The 10 Best Cheap Places To Go For A Holiday In Turkey

After  seeing  the places we listed below, we are sure you will decide to rent or buy a property in these cheap places. We assume that you want to go on holiday in Turkey but your budget is limited and we have made a research and find the 10 best places to go for a holiday in Turkey. In these places you will have a cheery holiday and you don’t need to spend too much money. Similarly, property for sale in Turkey is cheaper than most of European country and America. Let’s see the list of cheapest places for a holiday in Turkey:


In Aegean coast of Aydın, Didim is a wonderful place for a holiday with its long sandy beaches, brilliant sea,  historical ruins and sunny weather. Mostly Didim is preferred by vacationists have summer houses in the area but the prices of hotels are also very suitable. We recommend you not to miss this chance and go on holiday in Didim. After you go to Didim we also recommend you to visit prominent Apollon Temple Ruins and go to the most beautiful beach of Didim, Altınkum. In addition, the night life of Didim is very energetic. You will have good times at the bars of Didim. If you plan to go to Didim by an aeroplane, you can go to Aydın from Bodrum airport. If you decide to live in this cute town, there are lots of houses for sale in Didim Turkey.


Once in the middle of Anotolian steppes Eskişehir was an ordinary city but in recent years, after restoration studies for historical Ottoman houses and wonderful landscape studies  this city has become an excellent place. Fort the sake of  this city’s  energetic night life with thousands of students and excellent statuses Eskişehir has become the popular address of weekend tours. As there are ten thousands of students in this city, the prices are in the levels of student standarts.


When we mention about sea, sand, sun and holiday, everyone begins to think about Aegean and Mediterranean coasts but Amasra catches the attention for its cute beaches. Besides there is more than  a beach holiday in Amasra. For its 3000 years of historical background, beautiful forest nature and architecture, Amasra gains attention. Also we don’t want to skip the town’s wonderful fish restaurants. After you go to Amasra, you will see lots of guest houses and the prices aren’t over 100 TL (approximately 15 Dollars) .


Sığacık has been selected as the slowest and calmest town of Turkey. Sığacık is in Seferihisar and gains attention for its architecture, a market which habitants sell organic foods and fish restaurants near the port at suitable prices. Of course with its beautiful sand and brilliant sea Teos Beach is wonderful.


Gaziantep is one of the most beautiful city of South East Anotolia and a popular address for its cuisine. Zeugma is world’s biggest mosaic museum in Gaziantep. After you see Zeugma you should taste wondeful kebabs at Halil Usta or Çağdaş and give it a try for their delicious baklavas at Koçak or Güllüoğlu. You need’t beware of these places for their popularity because after eating at these restaurants when you see the low prices, you will be suprised.


Gökçeada is the biggest island of Turkey but not popular as its neighbour island Bozcaada. Also Gökçeada has a beautiful nature as Bozcaada. Still there are Greeks living in the island and some Greek villages have beautiful architecture like Zeytinli, Kaleköy and Tepeköy. The most beautiful beaches in the island is Yıldızköy Beach and Aydıncık Beach preferred for its wavy sea by surfer. At the guest houses the prices are below 50 TL (approximately 7 Dollars) and hotel prices are below 120 TL (approximately 17 Dollars).


Foça is a beautiful town in İzmir at the coast of Aegean but not as popular as Alaçatı and Ayvalık. There are lots of Greek houses in this town and the prices are very suitable. When we compare the prices of accommodation, cafes, fish restaurants and boat trips with other Aegean towns, Foça is very suitable. Most of foreign investors buy house in Istanbul. However, they prefer to have a holiday in İzmir.


Avşa is at the coast of Marmara Sea, and after 70s the town began to be preferred by  middle class Turkish families. But during recent years the town has lost its popularity. This town is like a paradise with Tavşanlı Bay, Çınar Bay and Yiğitler Bay. Besides, the night life of the town is very energetic . You can find lots of guest houses and motels in this town and the prices are very cheap.


Assos is one of the most beautiful town of North Aegean and has a rooted historical background. The town divides in to two parts. One part is mountain village and the other part is port side. Near the port you can find old exotic boutique hotels and at mountain side in Behramkale Village you can find guest houses at suitable prices.


Akyaka is in Muğla and it’s one of the most beautiful town of Gökava Gulf. During recent years it has been  preferred by kite-surfing fans. The prices aren’t above 100 TL (approximately 15 Dollars) even in the middle of summer. If you want to rent home in Turkey, Akyaka is very suitable destination.

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