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Turkey is a country with one of the richest cuisines in the world. Maybe that is one of the reasons property for sale in Turkey is considered as a profitable investment.  All of the cities have different cuisines; they vary so much that tasting  foods from city to city you may feel yourself in another country. In this article, we will be giving the list of the most delicious cities of Turkey. 


Şanlıurfa is one of the provinces that we can count as say the capital of bulgur. For this, all kinds of food made with bulgur tastes different than others. Of course, the most popular and beautiful flavor of Şanlıurfa, the raw meat, bulghur and spices of Urfa-type raw meatballs. Even foreign tourists visiting the city are in love with this taste.


Although the Malatya cuisine may seem a little different from the cuisines of other cities, it carries the traces of typical Anatolian cuisine. The leading ingredients of Malatya dishes are meat and bulgur. According to what Malatya people say, this city has different types of meatballs made with 65 kinds of bulgur. This unique cuisine hosts all sorts of dishes and offers so much flavor together, making Malatya a privileged and irreplaceable city.


If we are talking about the best tastes of Turkish cuisine, we cannot skip Bolu and Mengen cuisine’ tastes. Mengen is known as the place where the world-famous chefs are grown,and it is located within the borders of Bolu province. The most prominent chefs of all time came from the city of Bolu. Do not end your Bolu tour without tasting mengen pilaf, ovmaç soup, lamb stew.


Afyon cuisine, which is famous for its sauces, cream and many other flavors, is usually in the forefront of eggplants. You can see 20 different dishes made with eggplants in the city.


You can taste the most delicious meals of the Aegean in Muğla. In Muğla, vegetables and grilled herbs, delicious olive oil dishes, hot and cold appetizers made with seafood, healthy menus and exquisite views are waiting for you.

The most delicious food of the Aegean cuisine is cooked in this city. Yoruks meat tradition, vegetables grown in fertile plains and magnificent olive oil are the clues of why this cuisine is so delicious.


The pupil of Turkish cuisine. It is possible to find all delicious meals of Anatolia. Moreover, it is more delicious than the places in the cities where they belong. And the reason why is the most quality and delicious ingredients and the best cooks are all in this city. The best choice investment city is Istanbul because you can find lots of cuisines of Turkey so you can invest property for sale in Istanbul.


There are 812 kinds of food here. The reason for this diversity is that the same dish is cooked with other ingredients in the neighboring town. In addition to the meal, Kastamonu is a rising star in pastrami.

Being here make sure to taste the pastrami bread. The dishes made with Kanlıca mushrooms are also delicious. Tincture made with sesame-free simit, banduma made with chicken broth and meat is the crown of the tables. Meat bread competes with Konya’s.


Kayseri, which is one of the first cities to come to mind in our country when it comes to local cuisines, has a world-renowned cuisine. Kayseri cuisine, which has its own tastes, from sausage to pastrami, from pasty to grease, is full of gourmets with its many dishes to be tasted.


Gaziantep has the richest cuisine with 291 kinds of dishes, desserts and drinks. It is easy to imagine how happy people are who did buy property in Turkey, Gaziantep.
Lentils meatballs, small kofta meatballs with yogurt, oily meatballs, kisir,tente katmas, haveydi meatballs, omaç, sini kofta, apple kebab, ayva kebab, apple kebab, lebeniye, mash soup, sweet soup, beyran, topaç are some of the famous dishes here.


Elzaığ is the city with second richest cuisine. Elazığ cuisine consists of 154 kinds of food, dessert and drinks. Isn't it the reason to buy home in Turkey, Elazığ? Bean soup, lingu noodle, goat meatball,  kofta, dolanger, orcik, pilit and gah are among the famous dishes of Elazığ.

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