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Sapanca: The Nearest Backyard of Istanbul

Sapanca: The Nearest Backyard of Istanbul


Sapanca: The Nearest Backyard of Istanbul

Surrounded by forests that stretch all the way to four sides, Sapanca falls into a beauty that fascinates especially in the spring months. If you want to make a short vacation on weekends, this is a paradise on earth. It is like a natural film platter with a warm breeze in the hot summer months, yellowing leaves covering everywhere in the autumn, and forests with a green twin tone. Every season, it is home to different beauties, and it becomes an outgoing adversary of this heaven on earth.

Sapanca, which adds beauty to the region's color, is also known as the fruit garden of Kırkpınar and Kurtköy. The clarity of the lake water, the diversity of the plant along the coast creates a splendid color rendition. If you want to leave behind the city complex, dive in the mood of birds in the lap of birds, daze in fresh air, take a long bike ride through the trees, and sit in one of the lakeside restaurants and eat delicious trout. This beautiful place promises green, peace and quiet, and will provide you with a clean, clean and renewable district. As a Sakarian I want to tell you with a completely different eye. In this article, which will sometimes take place from my childhood, there are places, places to take care of when I am going now.

Sapanca Places to Visit

Sapanca Lake:  Sapanca Lake is one of the stunning beauties of the Marmara Region. Its length is 16 kilometers. This lake, which is a wonderful green nature, takes its source from snow water coming from the mountains. The trout species are on the lake. If you want to have a picnic on the shores, sleep in the hammocks, read books and listen to the birds sounds, Lake Sapanca is ready to offer you all these beauties.


Maşukiye: One of the most striking bells in Sakarya Sapanca, Maşukiye's name comes from the mascot meaning 'in love'. This is where the trees cover the chest, the colorful wildflowers cover the meadows, and the clean air handles all your cells. If you are here, you must definitely go to Kirazlı Yayla. It is possible to come here to watch the scenery, because there is a view of the entire Sapanca, which follows the bird's eye view. In Maşukiye, which hosts the most beautiful colors of nature, all street names are composed of flower names. Many streets were given lovely names such as chamomile, olive tree street, earrings flower, violet caddy.

İstanbuldere: Istanbuldere is a green place in the trees. At the edge of the creek, this is a marvelous corner where the bird sounds wash your soul, and fresh air seizes all of your cells. It is 10 kilometers away from Sapanca and is a must-see area.


Byzantine Period Sarcophagi and Tombstones: One of the places we offer for your list is the Byzantine Period Sarcophagi and Tombstones. Sarcophagus from the Byzantine period up to the present day is located in front of the Sapanca government building. Two in 1976 in Ilmiye Village and two in 1987.

Vecihi Kapısı: It is thought that it was built by Mimar Sinan with no clear knowledge. It is rumored that the Silk Road passed through the area. Because it has been repaired a few times, only the main body is now a historical monument.


Sapanca Springs: Sapanca's beauties are more than you can shake a stick at, but make time to see especially the oxygen storage springs. Karagöl Keremali, Çiçekli, Dikmen, Çiğdem and Sultanpınar spring are among the most remarkable.


Things to do in Sapanca

Photo Tour: In Sapanca, which offers many different beauties in every season, there are beautiful activities that will add color to your holiday. Take a lot of pictures of the countryside, meadows and lawns, because you can see and look inside when you get back to the city life. Especially with the beauty of Lake Sapanca, Kırkpınar and Maşukiye, it reminds travelers of a natural platosque.

Paintball: Paintball is one of the fun-filled activities in Sapanca, which draws attention with its lush green trails and its close proximity to Istanbul. Especially many corporate companies often bring their employees to picnics, motivation, and paintball on weekends at this heaven corner. You can participate individually or in groups with your friends in this activity.

Water Sports: Lake Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful gifts nature to the people, offers travelers a choice of water sports. Popular sports in recent years include; wind surf, wakeboard, water slides and kneeboard. If you want to throw away the tiredness of the year and spend a pleasant time, you can try one of the water sports.

Hiking: The most popular hiking trails in our country are located in and around Sapanca. There are many streams flowing into the lake from the mountains in the region where you can see green one thousand tons. Old stream beds, especially parallel to the rivers, constitute hiking trails. Do not forget to take sandwiches. A picnic in the shade of the trees after the walk can be very enjoyable.

Sapanca attractions

Sapanca Beach is a beautiful place to walk around Sapanca Lake. You can sit down in the cafes in the district and sip your tea against the lake.


What to Eat in Sapanca? What to drink?

As a child I am a Sakarian, I went to Sapanca very often, especially on weekends. Memories are the most important staging points in the trout pools just in front of the restaurants. I remember (of course I was not a vegetarian at the time) with my father I would choose fish to eat. Actually Sapanca means Trout. Already the name of the region is 'Trout Valley'. You can enjoy an exquisite fish feast in almost every restaurant in the center and on the edges of Maşukiye. If you return without eating trout on the tile you are not considered to have gone to Sapanca.


This place is famous for the best trout with cheese and mushroom cooked inside an olla. It is a paradise corner where I go to Istanbul for breakfast in the summer months. Especially there is a place called Home – Ce, you are losing yourself among the organic breakfasts. In a gorgeous garden, in the shade of the trees, while you dander around, you do your breakfast. There are village cheeses, special Turkish gözleme, homemade jams, smoky topping village bread, cream, tomatoes smelling beautifully and many more. If you think that the taste is on my face, you can buy everything you have eaten from the shop that was sold at the entrance. Every time I go into the store, I record myself. Do not say anything and when the spring is ready, do not panic when you are ready to eat poplar, and go for a pleasant breakfast. What a poet; I do not know what you think about eating. But your breakfast should be a delightful affair.


What to buy from Sapanca?

You can buy souvenirs from Sapanca, from local goods, but if you ask me I will buy something else instead of souvenirs. For example, I go back without taking village bread, cheese varieties, homemade jams, fresh vegetables – fruits and delicious sausages made by local women.

If you are a flower lover you can buy it from the colorful flowers from Maşukiye and the surrounding greenhouses. You may lose yourself when shopping in Sapanca where you can find the nature and more.


Sapanca Hotels


I do not know about you but when I stay in Sapanca I prefer Sapanca hotels with lake view or mountain view. There is nothing more pleasing to me than to wake up with bird sounds and start the day with a breakfast made with organic products. There are many facilities you can listen to around Sapanca and Maşukiye. If you are looking for a good quality rest on your Sapanca travel and you are not budget-minded, check out the Güral Wellness Park. If you are looking for a quality resort by the lake, you can check out Richmond Nua Wellness Spa – Adult Only. I would recommend the Elgarden Hotel & Residence, located in Maşukiye, even if these hotels are expensive. The Elgarden is both new and a very good price / performance ratio facility.


Where to Invest in Sapanca

As PropertyTR, we have done our research for you and found an excellent place to invest and live with your friends and family.  Here is the link for villas for sale in sapanca and the project. The villa project is only 100 meters to Sapanca lake, so you can do physical exercise and have your breakfast in the morning by having fun smelling fresh air and viewing an excellent harmony of pure blue lake and natural green forests. Moreover, the project is located only walking distance to the hotels area and downtown of Sapanca. So, all you need will be your around like supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, groceries, souvenirs, greengrocer, and etc. In the project, open swimming pool is available, so you can have fun by swimming with your friends, with your family safely. Each villa has its own garden and you can have fun by spending some time with your hobby garden. The most important thing for each villa is, all of them have terrace, so you can make your barbecue and have fun in the evening time privately. Here you can find a picture shows the villa project and one sample terrace, below. You can reach us for more information on +90 549 870 38 38 (Whatsapp available).

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