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Pros and Cons Of Investment In A Property In Turkey

Pros and Cons Of Investment In A Property In Turkey

In the real estate market, there is either property for sale in Turkey by real estate agents or property for sale in Turkey by owners.
Turkey is really loved by the investors because of it's geopolitics advantages. It is right in the middle of Asia and Europe and it is also really close to Africa. Because of this situation, Turkey has a very active business and investment life. People from different backgrounds want to invest in Turkey. The reason behind this is that Turkey has many different opportunities in many different aspects of life and business.
Cheap property in Turkey is very accessible because Turkey has 81 cities and every single one of them has a different reason they invest.

What you should do first is deciding on where to invest and what to invest because there are multiple ways. Because of the pros and cons changes with almost every investment you make. 

Here are the main pros and cons of investing in a property in Turkey;



1. Sustaınable Profıt

Turkey has an always rising number of investors because it also has an always rising number of tourists. Which means there is always a new market. Whether you invest in an apartment in Istanbul or a factory in Bursa, there will always be profit. Making your decisions on what you want as an investment and what kind of profit you desire should be the first thing you do.

2. Citizenship

Turkey has a law that allows foreigners who made 250.000 dollars worth of investment to an immovable to obtain Turkish citizenship. And the citizenship you received is not just for you, it also is for your first-degree family members. So, if you ever wanted to become a Turkish citizen this investment will be a great deal for you.

3. Turkey's Natural Sources

Turkey's natural sources and mild weather is drawing lots of tourists every year. And by having an investment close to a natural source you can be a partner of this market. What you choose to invest closely is up to you, you can choose from bays, forests, thermal springs…

4. Cheaper Labor Force

In Turkey labor is cheaper than Europe and The United States of America. So, if you are a businessman this would raise your income.

5. Low-Cost Living

Starting from fruits and vegetables to clothing, what you need to sustain your life is usually cheaper than Europe standards.

6. Cheaper Real Estate Prices

Real Estate prices are calculated with Turkish lira which makes them much cheaper than Europe and USA real estates. 


1. Deficient Amount Of Real Estate

Even though Turkey is a highly preferred country by investors, there is not many real estate.
But considering the number of buildings that are under construction, it is easy to make the assumption that this shortage will be reduced in a couple of years.

2. High Mortgage

In Turkey, the mortgage is in a higher percentage than European countries.

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