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Places to Visit in Yalova

Places to Visit in Yalova


Places to Visit in Yalova

If you pass by Yalova, we’re proud to have complied the must sees and historical places in Yalova for you.

Yalova knows how to carry the most beautiful colors of nature like a very beautiful dress and offers different beauty each and every season. It has one of the most beautiful coasts of Marmara and is an important port city in terms of coastal tourism, hunting tourism and thermal tourism as well as the nature tourism.

Especially in recent years, Armutlu Thermal spas and spas which borders the country's reputation in Turkey and the Middle East's health has become a center of healing and recreation. If you decide to visit this paradise region formed by wonderful nature with special care, you can check the must see places we’ve picked for you.

Hot Spring: Yalova is famous for its hot springs that cross the country borders. If you want to throw away the tiredness of the year, to find healing and rest, Yalova Spa is ready to serve you all year round. Armutlu Thermal Springs and Yalova Thermal Houses.

Natural Beauties: Yalova and its surroundings draw attention with the natural beauties formed by unique nature. With its lush forests, blue sea, waterfalls, springs and olive gardens, the man grows up as if he has come out of a famous painter's table, especially in spring. Erikli Waterfall, Suduşen Waterfall and Dellaced Plateau are the beauties that must be seen in Yalova.

Historical Places: In Yalova, which is not very rich in historical places; Black Church, the Open Air Museum and the Walking Pavilion can be seen.

Beaches: Many holidaymakers prefer colorful colored beaches in Cinarcik, the cute little town of Yalova. The Çınarcık Beaches, also known as the Bodrum of the Marmara Sea, which is heavily demanded especially during the summer months that are hotter, will catch up with your imagination.

Places to Visit in Yalova – Historical Places


Üvezpınar, located 11 km above the thermal district of Yalova, is famous for its lush vegetation.

Having a magnificent panoramic view on the outskirts of the Samanlı Mountains, Üvezpınar is one of the unique addresses of those looking for peace with their natural beauties.

One of the beauties of Uvezpınar is undoubtedly Suduşen Waterfall which is 6 km away. You can have a picnic or enjoy a swim in Suduşan Waterfall, where you can find dozens of tons of green.

If you pass by Yalova, please do not forget to add Üvezpınar to your sightseeing list. We wish you the best holiday already.

Karaca Arboretum
The Karaca Arboretum, which is located in Yalova and hosts many plant species, is at the beginning of the points that attracted the interest of the tourists who come to the city although they are interested by the plant scientists.

The Karaca Arboretum is located in the village of Samanlı on the Yalova-Thermal road. About 5-6 kilometers from the city center … Arboretum covering an area of 135,000 square meters is surrounded by iris gardens, plant gardens, bonsai plant collections and rose gardens … Besides these, there are 5 thousand woody plants.

The Karaca Arboretum, founded by Hayrettin Karaca, also has a summer mansion belonging to him.


Black Church

The Black Church, which was a water structure belonging to Rome when it was first constructed and turned into a church in the Byzantine period, is located in Çiftlikköy district of Yalova.

Located at the seaside neighborhood, the building is 3 kilometers away from the city center. It extends in different directions from the other churches. Its direction is on the north-south axis.

The region, ancient harbor and aqueducts can also be seen.

Delmece Plateau

Delmece Plateau located in the Çınarcık district of Yalova has many tourists' homes in the coexistence of chestnut and linden trees.

Delmece Plateau is an important holiday region for tourism. Around; Erikli Waterfall, Yalova City Forest and Büyük Dipsiz Lake. At the same time, there is a drinking water source known as medicinal water in the plateau. The Delmece Plateau is one of the places where you can spend your summer holiday peacefully. You can spend your weekend here because it is very close to Istanbul. Biking around the scenic bicycle tracks between cool waters and abundant greenery will be one of the peaceful spots to explore. You can also include Suduşen Waterfall and Armutlu Spa in Yalova.

Suduşen Waterfall

Sudüşen Waterfall, one of the precious parts of Yalova, is located within the boundaries of the thermal district.

In the midst of a natural beauty, it's just too charming to spend a lot of fun with important people you have with you. You will notice that your soul is resting in the green nature in the picnic areas offered to its guests, while at the same time snatching something in the sweet marijuana accompaniment of the waterfall.

It would be good for you to organize a day trip and allow yourself a day off. It is also beneficial to turn off your phone; because when you spend time in a wonderful nature and take lots of pictures, do not divide these delightful times. Meanwhile, Delmece Plateau and Armutlu Springs are one of the places worth seeing and experiencing in Yalova.

Armutlu Thermal Springs

The Armutlu Thermal Springs, located in the thermal district of Yalova, which is rich in hot water resources, has been in use since the 6th century.

These springs, which date from antiquity up to the present day, are known by the names Therma, Pythia and Pythion. At the same time, according to mythology in the Armutlu Spa, which opens the gates of a fantastic world, the Underground Greek God Hades lives in this region.

It is a place where you can see with its natural beauty, the service it offers, and in addition, it is quite enjoyable in its relaxing waters. The spa, which is regarded as important for health; It is known that it works well for bile duct, skin, intestine, rheumatism, liver, heart, vein, female disease and psychological disorders. Located in the thermal district of Gökçedereve and Üvezpınar villages, Armutlu Kaplarsar opens a comfortable holiday gate.

Erikli Waterfall

Erikli Waterfall, which is the most famous waterfalls of the Marmara region, goes beyond Erikli Plateau with the same name. This is why the name of the Double Waterfalls is due to the presence of two waterfalls.

During your trip you will firstly see the lower waterfall. It is not possible to see from below; because you have to climb up a steep slope to get down. It looks quite magnificent from the top as well. You will get a view without falling down.

As you continue your journey, you will be able to see the upper waterfall 10-15 meters away. This fascination with the fascination of the waterfall will spoil you. The rapid fall of fast-flowing waters from top to bottom, is transformed into an incredible landscape. The only sound you hear comes from the waterfall and you talk to yourself. You also have camping facilities in Erikli Waterfall, which is in Yalova Kent Forest. If you want to get away from the city crowd, Erikli Waterfall is ready and waiting to be your guide. Among the places you will discover in the Armutlu Hot Springs and Delphic Plateau region.


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